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I Found (Not Overly) Glamorous Satin Lounge Pants

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Welcome to Pants Week, where the Strategist will be tackling all things pants-related (given that you’ll be wearing them pretty consistently from now through spring). Throughout the week we’ll be surfacing everything from the best jeans for men and women, to the best lounge-about-the-house-pants, to the best work-appropriate trousers.

“Loungewear” is an embarrassing term, but it describes something important: a liminal state that’s neither work nor sleep, but consecrated to comfort and self-care. Such a wardrobe is especially important when you’re in the midst of any fragile state, physical or otherwise — the act of getting dressed can be a lot. While one can lounge in anything, I find that one of those built-in-bra camis and dedicatedlounge pants” — comfortable enough that you can rest, smart enough that you don’t feel like you’ve given up – are good for morale.

But what to wear? I don’t do yoga, so I never have yoga pants around. There are a lot of vintage lounging pajamas out there, but unless Victory Rolls and buttons digging into your midsection are your ideas of relaxation, I’d skip them. Those gathered-ankle sweats that are currently ubiquitous make me feel like a stocky little boy in gym class — rarely what I’m going for. Pajama pants are of course comfy but wearing PJs before bedtime makes me feel like I’m sick. My recommendation is this pair of PJ Harlow satin pants, which I own in both black and pearl gray. As the brand name implies, they aim to evoke a sort of bombshell glamour, but don’t worry: The effect isn’t overly boudoir and you won’t feel like the rest of you’s underdressed. The full-legged cut is flattering, the elastic waist couldn’t be comfier, and the material adds the requisite hint of non-depressing polish. Throw on a robe or a sweater, and you’ll feel less defeated than triumphant. You can even answer the door without shame.

PJ Harlow Women’s Jolie Satin Pant

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I Found (Not Overly) Glamorous Satin Lounge Pants