Tasteful (And Less Tasteful) Super Bowl Party Stuff You Can Buy on Amazon

So, you’re having a Super Bowl party. This can go to two ways: the seven-layer-dip-flavored Combos and football-shaped Jell-O shots route or the elegant gold balloons and artisanal-salsa route. We rounded up tasteful and less-tasteful ways to do both.

The Tasteful Option: What’s more perfect than these simple gold balloons that get at the essence of what this night is all about?

The Less-Tasteful Option: After a few Jell-O shots (see below), move away the valuables, fill this football-shaped pinata with Necco Wafers (if you’re a Patriots fan) or gummy peaches (if you’re a Georgia fan), and have your way with it.

The Tasteful Option: These little toothpicks feel very cheer-on-Reggie-Mantle-at-the-Riverdale-High-football-game.

The Less-Tasteful Option: These napkins are only slightly less tasteful because they’re so literal, but on second glance they’re actually pretty cute.

The Tasteful Option: As our colleagues over at Grub Street noted, these Billy Goat Chip Company Potato Chips from Missouri have a cult following, and are made skin-on with canola oil, onion, garlic, sugar, and other spices. Pair them with this small-batch salsa from New York–based La Fundidora.

The Less-Tasteful Option: The elusive seven-layer-dip-flavored Combos!

The Tasteful Option: Perfect, if you’re planning on serving a specialty cocktail, or margaritas, or sangria.

The Less-Tasteful Options: Football-helmet-shaped Jell-O molds (for shots) and an inflatable goal post for keeping your Bud Lights cool.

The Tasteful Option: This sleek ceramic-and-steel bowl will let your artisanal potato chips shine.

The Tasteful Option: These disposable wine tumblers are always good to have on hand when big groups of people are coming over.

The Less-Tasteful Option: Red Solo Cups — but with a built-in shot glass.

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Tasteful (And Less Tasteful) Super Bowl Party Stuff