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My Facialist Tipped Me Off to This Makeup Remover for Dry Skin

For a long time, I’ve been what you might call product noncommittal. By that, I mean I own 43 different kinds of soaps and cleansers and tonics, and I use them according to whatever whim strikes me as I survey my bathroom shelves and/or my face in the mirror. One day I might go for an old-school Neutrogena cream cleanser, another day I use the fancy Sephora sample I took home after spending way too much at Sephora. I’m consistently inconsistent!

Then a facialist at Heyday Facial Spa introduced me to the miraculous Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover. Don’t worry: the length of its name is the most complicated thing about it. You apply a couple of pumps of the light oil to your face, add a bit of water, and massage; there’s no intense foam or scrubbing involved, but suddenly, even if you’ve got a layer of makeup or city-day grime on your skin, it all washes away. All you’re left with is fresh, moisturized skin. I wasn’t sure I’d like washing with an oil (maybe you’re with me on this) — this one contains sunflower-seed, pumpkin-seed, and papaya-seed oils — but unlike cleansers that strip your face bare, this one leaves it clean, plumped, and vaguely moisturized (not oily). Plus there’s a gorgeous natural pineapple scent that makes you want to sniff your own face. It’s the answer to these cold times of hot radiators and extremely dry New York City apartments — you can even get away with not moisturizing afterward.

In fact, the Vitamin B Cleansing Oil has changed my erratic cleansing ways. I wake up excited to use it in the morning, and I go to bed eager to apply its soothing drops to my face at night. Finally, I’ve found love and commitment in a handsome little glass bottle. There’s just one problem. It’s a mere four fluid ounces, which means you have to replenish your supply far too quickly — and at $42 a pop, it’s no drugstore cleanser. But what’s 40 bucks? Two drinks at the bar? Two and a half movie tickets? I say go for it. Your crystal-clear, hydrated, ever-so-slightly tropical-smelling skin will thank you.

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Makeup Remover

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My Facialist Tipped Me Off to This Winter Makeup Remover