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The Best Bathroom Essentials

To make your bathroom a slightly more-updated version of this. Photo: 2003 Getty Images

The bathroom may be where some of your most private moments happen, so why not turn it into a well-appointed sanctuary? We’ve compiled everything to help you create the bathroom you deserve, from the design-y soap dish and Tesla of toothbrushes to the plushest towels and world’s greatest toilet plunger.

The Best Bathroom Décor

A toilet brush in the shape of a cat and a matte, pink trash can are just some of the things you can get to zhuzh up the bathroom.

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The Best Bath Mats and Rugs

Whether you want something abstract, polka-dotted, or just made out of bamboo, there are plenty of bath mats to choose from.

The Best Toilet-Bowl Accessory

We didn’t know we needed a motion-activated lamp that clips onto the edge of a toilet, but the Illumibowl senses motion in a pitch-black bathroom, and lights up, thus eliminating the need for fumbling for the light switch. We were sold.

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The Best Toilet Accessory

A hunk of white plastic that goes around the base of your toilet, the Squatty Potty will change the way you go. For the first few seconds, you think nothing different is going to happen — which is to say that nothing at all is going to happen — until suddenly it does. Which feels amazing.

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The Best Toilet Plunger

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

Discovered by our writer after they consulted the owner of a hardware store, the accordion toilet plunger has saved the chronic toilet-clogger from some of their darkest moments.

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The Best Bath Towels

Whether you need them big and fluffy, or have moved onto the wonders of the Turkish towel, we found the ten best on Amazon, as decided by (somewhat crazy) online reviewers.

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The Best Hair Dryer

Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

Designed by James Dyson (he of those revolutionary vacuums), this brand new hair dryer is the whisper-quiet wonder you’ve been looking for.

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The Best Curling Iron

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor, Getty Images

One writer tried every curling iron under the sun, but this $40 one worked better than any of them.

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The Best Toothbrush

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor, Getty Images

For our writer, going from a $30 Oral-B electric to this Sonicare toothbrush felt like upgrading from a Chevrolet to a Tesla. Find out why the 31,000-brushstroke-a-minute toothbrush is worth every penny.

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The Best Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Photo: StevanZZ/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Simply using the toothpaste keeps our writer’s teeth white enough that the hygienist comments on them at each visit. It’s even safe for the most sensitive of teeth every day.

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The Best Fast-Acting Tooth Whitener

Like Crest Whitestrips, only instantaneous and less painful, this clear gel has turned into one writer’s trick for whiter teeth before every big event.

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The Best Facial-Hair Remover for Women

Women tend to put needless time, money, and agony into their facial-hair removal. The most effective solution, according to dermatologist Dr. Carlos Charles, is shaving with these tiny Japanese face razors.

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The Best Razor Tool for Back-Hair Removal

Photo: Courtesy of the vendor. Getty Images

Shaving your back can be a Herculean task, but this plastic wand makes it easy. Simply slap in your preferred razor and target that hair with the ease of a back scratcher.

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The Best Nail Clipper

Discovered at an airport in Tokyo, these Japanese nail clippers slice through nails like a Santoku through a tomato.

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The Best Foot Peel and Exfoliator

A Korean beauty secret, this set of plastic booties is filled with clear gel. You insert your bare feet into the booties, tape them shut, and wait an hour. A week later, your feet slough pieces of sliver-thin, leathery dead skin. The process does not hurt or itch. In fact, it feels wonderful. Your feet look like they’ve just received the world’s most expensive pedicure.

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The Best Tongue Scraper

Even if you brush every corner of your mouth, there’s no substitute for the halitosis-destroying power of a tongue scraper. Our writer found the ultimate version for ridding morning breath.

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The Best Shower Radio

“I am completely obsessed with my Sangean shower radio. It’s not especially cute, and it’s certainly not glamorous, but hand to God, it has changed my life — at least the part of my life that I spend in the shower, which is a not-insignificant chunk of time. The sound is good, it’s impervious to steam, and with ten presets, you can switch back and forth between NPR and Hot 97 with minimal frustration.” — Izzy Grinspan, senior editor, the Cut

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The Best Bathroom Speaker

If you’re still putting your iPhone in the sink in the mornings for shower music, try this instead. It’s like the difference between hearing the reverb from a concert and sitting in the fourth row.

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The Best Bathroom Essentials