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The Best Travel Accessories and Gear

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All the gear and accessories to help you look as excited as these guys. Photo: GraphicaArtis/Getty Images

Harrying a process as it can be, travel can be made an actual pleasure once you devise a system for everything. From the no-fuss carry-on to the multipurpose travel shoes to the game-changing packing organizers, we found all the essentials for maximizing your travel experience.

The Best Rolling Luggage

Finding the perfect piece of rolling luggage can be a Herculean task, so we reached out to six of the savviest travelers we know for their favorites. We even threw in two we liked ourselves.

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The Best Weekend Travel Bags

The bag you bring for a quick weekend trip shouldn’t just be a day bag or suitcase, but something in between. We talked to more than a dozen seasoned travelers to discover the very best duffles and backpacks for a three-day trip.

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The Best Travel Organizers

Any big project can be made easier when you break it down into smaller parts — same goes with packing. Be the Marie Kondo of travel with these organizers: Bring only what gives you joy.

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The Best Travel Shoes for Him and Her

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Great travel shoes shouldn’t just get you through TSA — you should be able to wear them sightseeing, hanging around the lobby, or padding downstairs for breakfast. Two Strategist editors break down the best for him and her.

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The Best Skincare Products for the Flight

Photo: Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori via Getty Images

Airplanes are notorious for doing a number on your skin. We found a few products that will keep it hydrated for flights that take you halfway across the world.

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The Best Tote Bag (a.k.a. ‘personal item’)

You never want to futz around too much with unnecessary compartments with your in-flight “personal item,” and Strategist editor Alexis Swerdloff found the best tote bag for travel. Note: It has an all-important zipper.

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The Best Eye Mask for Sleeping on the Flight

Bucky Eye Mask

This little eye mask turns a plane cabin into a dark cave. Infinitely better than the things the flight attendants will be handing you for free.

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The Best Travel Headphones

Your earbuds for traveling needn’t be noise-canceling or the greatest-headphones-you’ve-ever-used. Vulture senior editor Jesse David Fox found a cheap and portable pair he swears by.

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The Best Travel Pillow

Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

So small that it’s essentially a padded scarf, this travel pillow made with hypoallergenic fleece holds your head almost completely upright. You can even place it beneath your chin to keep your head from drooping.

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The Best Earplugs for Travel