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14 Things You Can Buy at Nordstrom That Donald Trump Will Really Hate

Now that Nordstrom has dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, Donald Trump has launched — what else — a Twitter offensive against the Seattle department store. While buying something from Nordstrom is a nice show of solidarity (wouldn’t it be interesting if the company posted a banner sales month?), you can take it a step further with purchases that are a bit more pointed. Like a nice white pantsuit, or a newspaper tote bag, or a pair of boys’ gloves (size small).

Because after Tom Ford told the ladies on The View that he had refused to dress Melania, Trump told Fox News that he wasn’t a fan of the designer, and never had been. (Yes, $37 is expensive for a bar of soap, but it’s a cute-slash-ridiculous Valentine’s Day gift for a Fashion Man.)

Because the politically engaged designers of Opening Ceremony just staged a protest-themed fashion show.

Because it’s a key chain or bag charm in the shape of a very small, yellow penis …

Because these sneakers literally say the word Mexico on them.

Because this bag is literally covered in fake news.

Because we cannot even begin to imagine what Rei Kawakubo would do to Donald Trump if left in a room alone with him, but we are fairly certain it would not be pretty.

Because this is an actual (and very chic) pussy hat.

Because the Eugenia Kim hat above sold out—here’s another (and actually cheaper) pussy hat.

Because this is not a pussy-bow blouse, and because Rachel Comey paid for her staff to attend the Women’s March and donated half of her proceeds that weekend to Planned Parenthood.