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What Amber Rose Can’t Live Without

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair, but the hand sanitizer and the electric toothbrush. We asked Amber Rose, who’s a brand ambassador for the beauty line Flirt (and whom the Cut chatted with back in August), about which items she can’t live without.

Basically, I wear a 36E or F, so I can’t shop at Victoria’s Secret. I have natural boobs, and I constantly need a bra, so that is a must-have for me. And when you have really big boobs, a lot of the brands have the really thick straps that are kind of grandmaish, but Chantelle’s bras are so nice; they come in a lot of colors; they have that low cleavage; they’re good for girls who have a small back but big breasts. I pretty much have every style of Chantelle bra: I have a million black ones and a million nude ones, just so they go with my clothes, and I have a pink and yellow and peach one, but for the most part, I like to get the nudes and blacks.

So my friend Chyna, we were at Neiman’s the other day, and I was picking out some La Perla underwear. They were like $120, and Chyna is like, “What the hell are you doing? Why are you buying such expensive underwear?” And I was like, “Girl this is going to change your life,” so I bought her a pair. I know this sounds crazy, but wearing expensive underwear under your clothes gives you a certain type of confidence in a really cool way. She wore them, and was like, “oh my god, they just feel different than Victoria’s Secret!” I got her a thong. Chyna will not wear anything but thongs. She’s a thong girl. I prefer thongs when I have clothes on, but at night when I sleep, I like good old-fashioned boy shorts. I’ll do Victoria’s Secret if I don’t have a man around, but I won’t wear regular cotton briefs if I have a man over.

My makeup artist Priscilla Ono actually came upon the Dior Air, and she was like, “let’s try it,” and now I love it. It gives you great coverage, but it’s not superheavy, so it doesn’t look cakey at all. Priscilla only does my makeup if I’m going to be on TV or the red carpet or something like that — so on normal days, when I do my own makeup, I’ll apply it myself. It’s a foundation, so I’ll put it on first before anything else.

So I am not a natural blonde, although I wish I were. I use L’Oréal’s Quick Blue alongside its creme developer. I actually have it in my hair right now as we speak. My hair is naturally dark brown, and with Quick Blue, it comes out super-platinum, so I don’t have to put a toner in it. It works really fast. I’ve been using that for years. I found that other bleaches would turn my hair kind of orange; but with this one, the blue takes all the orange out, and doesn’t turn it brassy.

I have to do it every four days. My hair is so short, and my roots come in really fast. But I don’t have to leave it on superlong: 20 minutes, and that’s it. If you have longer hair, you should probably go to a professional. I don’t really have much hair, so it works perfectly for me.


I mean, what girl can live without tweezers? I’m Italian, so my eyebrows grow really fast; all my hair grows superfast. I get a five o’clock shadow on my legs every day. It’s horrible. But with my eyebrows, I’ll get them waxed on Friday, and two days later, it starts growing back; so I try to keep up with them with these tweezers until I can get my eyebrows done again. It’s crazy. People are like, “it’s so cool you get to wake up, and your hair is done”; but it’s like, it’s done for three days. I have to have a barber come to the house every four days. I’m always thinking about hair. Every time I get in the shower, which is obviously every day, I shave my legs. It’s part of my routine at this point, so I’m superfast in there. I like the Schick Quattro razors.

I’ve been using Moschino Cheap & Chic perfume since the late ’90s, when I was still in school. It has a very strong feminine smell, but it’s not sweet or anything like that. It has oils in it, so it sticks to your skin, which I like; it stays on all day. It’s like my signature scent. Sometimes, I do switch it up: I like Clive Christian, the No. 1 for Women. There’s a new one I just actually bought, the lady at Neiman’s sold me on it, it’s called Baccarat. I’ll dip and dab every now and then, but usually mix it with the Moschino.

Literally, I feel like La Mer’s facial cleanser and moisturizing creams are the best products out there for your face right now. It’s really expensive, I’m not going to lie, but what I’ll do is I’ll wash my face with the cleanser in the morning and at night; and then before I go to bed, I use the moisturizer really thick on my face and fall asleep with it on; and then I’ll wake up with a fresh glow. It’s amazing. Before I could afford that, I would just use African Shea Butter. I still use it sometimes — I’ll put it in the microwave till it turns to oil, just smother myself in it, and put a robe on that’ll absorb the excess oil. And then wake up in the morning so smooth.

I use that Nivea Essentially Enriched Lotion all the time if I just want to lotion up my arms real quick, and make sure I’m not dry. I have a lot of moisturizing to do! I use it on my son as well.

Dove Dry Spray Deodorant is amazing. Obviously, I’ll use it under my arms, but I’ll also spray it under my boobs, and between my thighs. It keeps me really dry, especially if I’m working out, or if it’s a really hot day. And it doesn’t turn all white and gooky. And it smells super-fresh, powdery, and girly.

I think it’s really cool that Flirt actually brought back the mood lipstick — I used to wear the Wet ‘n Wild one when I was a kid. Sometimes, you want a lip stain that’s still a gloss. And it really depends on your mood; it’s not the same color for everyone. It’s really cool.

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What Amber Rose Can’t Live Without