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6 ‘RompHims’ That Are Better Than RompHims

Let’s do better. Photo: Courtesy of Kickstarter/ACED Design

What is it about RompHims that’s so obnoxious? Is it the name, which presumes that only by making a “feminine” thing hypermasculine can it be okay for men to adopt (see also: brosé)? Is it the video, in which the bros are posturing in their jumpsuits very, very ironically, so we understand that yes, the whole thing’s a joke? We actually think it’s the short jumpsuits themselves, which honestly are a tad too short, in unflattering, Derby Day–esque shades of pastel that no self-respecting guy would wear in earnest.

Because the thing is, short jumpsuits for males aren’t inherently funny — we actually went and found six that are pretty great. Sure, some are a little 4 a.m. at Berghain, but worn the right way (a few buttons undone and a T-shirt underneath, with white Vans and no-show socks), even the ones from Engineered Garments or Rick Owens would look at home on a rooftop cookout in Bushwick.

Two menswear trends — jumpsuit plus band collar — in one.

The trick with this kind of look is to go dark — like this navy version by cult Japanese brand Engineered Garments.

Here’s a DIY hack — lop off the pant legs at the knees for an affordable on-trend coverall.

All things considered, a pretty subdued look.

If you can’t stand the thought of not wearing jeans. Loop a belt through this, and no one will even know it’s a onesie.

Okay, this one takes some nerve, but if you worship at the altar of Owens, you’ll appreciate the dropped crotch and drapey form.