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Rarely-on-Sale Drunk Elephant Beauty Products Are on Sale Right Now

Photo: Kennon Evett/Courtesy of Drunk Elephant

As we noted on Friday, Dermstore launched its anniversary sale last week, and what’s notable about it is that it’s put a lot of things on sale that almost never go on sale. Among the rarely-on-sale items are serums, creams, oils, and balms from Drunk Elephant, the “natural-meets-clinical beauty brand” with a cult following that Kathleen Hou of the Cut wrote about earlier this year. Back then, it was recently reported that it was Sephora’s fastest-selling skin-care line in the store’s history. Drunk Elephant products check off all the boxes of what a 2017-era beauty line should not have in it (fragrant essential oils, parabens, silicone), while featuring, what Hou says, an “unusually high amount of acids” for stimulating collagen, “the protein found in our bodies that gives your skin a youthful ‘bounce.’” Meaning, this stuff makes your skin look excellent, and it’s not terrible for you — it’s even safe for pregnant women. (True story: A friend of a friend asked another friend, who had just had a baby, whether she’d had Botox, and she said no, she was just using Drunk Elephant.) Also, for readers of the now-famous Google doc, the Drunk Elephant day serum is part of Rio Viera-Newton’s epic skin-care routine. The stuff doesn’t come cheap, so the 20 percent discount, available through August 12, is a welcome one.