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Designer Mary Ping Picks Out the Best Posters You Can Buy Online

Mary Ping, founder of the conceptual clothing line Slow and Steady Wins the Race, has one of the best eyes out there. She was recently honored with a National Design Award for fashion, which will be presented to her on October 19 at the Cooper Hewitt. And on the eve of the awards ceremony, we asked her to sprinkle some of her taste in our direction, and pick out the best wall art that one can buy online.

Posters began as a medium for advertising and quickly became an inexpensive way to visually communicate and disseminate, whether if it was promoting political movements or endorsing simple products. After sifting through a dangerous pile of “college dorm room” art online, me and members of my team found some winners. Ed. note: Pay attention to the dimensions, because some of these images might be smaller than you’d think!

A reminder of the Four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

The whole concept by Elmgreen and Dragset is something I wish we created. Never open for business, yet a total pilgrimage destination. It’s a hard-to-top installation piece.

We have a capsule collection called Untitled which is a lexicon of ordinary wardrobe items (the baseball cap, a jean jacket), but once punctuated with a shock of ultramarine blue made famous by Yves Klein, they are instantly transformed into something extraordinary. Here the body itself is used as a tool in the final transformation of the landmark performance-art piece by the artist.

This is an idyllic scene of an everyday chore. Exemplifies the magical in the mundane.

A reminder that good design makes life easier and a great example of one of our design values: utility.

Until someone or some company makes all the Irving Penn Clinique posters available for direct purchase, this older Anscochrome ad is a good stand in.

This documentation of Eva Peron’s closet is as dense of a time capsule and cultural anthropological artifact an image can be.

We have a soon-to-be-published series called “Inanimate Object Interviews” and this image reminded us of that. Always hilarious to think if objects were alive, what would they do?

A close-up look at the bow clasp is the real reward of this photo.

There are plenty of Josef Albers prints and posters out there, so it just boils down to which homage to the square.

In the design studio we are always trying to see what else we can come up with for items that seem to be right in front of us. This is the best example.

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Designer Mary Ping Picks the Best Posters You Can Buy Online