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The 19 Best Disposable (But Still Fancy) Plates You Can Buy on Amazon

The idea of a “fancy disposable plate” might seem like a contradiction. But disposable party plates have come a long way from those bulk packs of flimsy white paper plates that are probably sitting in your office’s kitchen. There are elegant compostable plates made out of palm leaves, as well as cheap (but expensive-looking) paper plates in a wide range of colors and patterns. There are even plastic plates that look so much like fine porcelain that you might find it hard to actually throw them away (and they’re sturdy enough to hand-wash and reuse at your next party, if you really want.)

These fancy disposable plates can be particularly helpful during the holiday season, whether you’re hosting a dinner and don’t have enough matching settings for all your guests, or you just want to be a little bit lazy and forgo washing dishes after spending all day cooking a Thanksgiving feast.

And to help you find the right paper, plastic, or biodegradable tableware for your one-time (or many-time) party needs, here are 19 disposable — but still fancy — plates that you can buy on Amazon.

These round, plastic dinner plates have a simple but tasteful silver rim along their edges, and cost less than a dollar a plate.

These plastic dinner plates feature an intricate, silver diamond pattern around the rim and are thick enough that you could hand-wash them to use again at another event.

These white plastic plates have a delicate, decorative gold filigree edge that makes them look like real porcelain — yet are still strong enough to be reused, if you’re careful with them.

These simple, all-white plastic dinner plates are a good choice if you’re looking for a disposable plate that’s fancier — and sturdier — than a conventional paper plate.

This set of square white plastic plates comes with 30 dinner plates and 30 salad or dessert plates.