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The Best Gifts to Buy in Bulk on Jet

There is a ridiculous practicality to buying holiday gifts in bulk. It becomes easy to get a lot of presents for a lot of different people without putting in too much effort. It’s also a great way to delight a hard-core enthusiast — because if they already like having one of something, imagine how much they’ll enjoy having ten of them. Plus, you can save money by doing your holiday shopping in bulk. The trick is figuring out the easiest way to take advantage of those savings, and though you can often find good bulk deals on Amazon (like on candy) if you do some hunting, Jet is set up to give you discounts when you buy multiples of an item, even if it’s not on sale.

That means the more products you put in your cart, the lower the price gets, and though the discount for buying in bulk on Jet is relatively small, maxing out at about 10 percent, it can make a difference, especially when you’re buying more expensive items. We were actually so surprised by some of the rarely-on-sale items that qualify for this deal, we decided to find 15 of the best gifts to buy in bulk on Jet this holiday season.

It’s rare to get any kind of discount on Diptyque candles, so take advantage of the fact that these qualify for bulk pricing on Jet. A single Baies-scented candle costs $63.36, but if you buy five of them, the price drops to $58.29 each for a very reasonable 8 percent discount.

According to writer Mary Jane Weedman’s extensive research on the topic, Jet is one of the best places to buy LaCroix on the internet, not least of all because you get a discount when you buy multiple cases. This is a great gift for a hard-core fizz enthusiast or your co-worker who’s always taking trips to the local convenience store to get some seltzer.


My mom’s go-to holiday gift for any college student or teen is a Moleskine notebook, because she believes in the power of journaling and list-making. Now she can buy one for everyone on her list at a discount.

These Uni-Ball Vision pens are illustrator Joana Avillez’s favorite and make for a great bulk gift for that artist, writer, or other generally creative human in your life who’s probably always misplacing pens.

You could give ten tins of Smith’s Rosebud Salve (for less than $65, total) to that one person who’s always losing their lip balm, so they can have one in every purse, drawer, and pocket. Or you could dole them out as a nice stocking stuffer or sweet white-elephant gift.

Note: This lip balm is currently sold out, but Smith’s strawberry lip balm also qualifies for the bulk discount.

Any skin-care and beauty junkie would appreciate a year’s supply of rosewater facial spray from Mario Badescu.

Give the gift of a year-round sunless glow with a giant supply of Tan Towels. The price drops from $15.59 to $14.19 each when you order ten (which each contains five full-body towels).

These handsome buckets filled with gluten-free (but still very delicious) cookies from Tate’s Bake Shop are an easy, shareable gift for your co-workers, the people who work in the mail room at your office, your neighbors, your landlord, your in-laws, and probably also your family and friends — so, yes, you should probably buy a lot of them. (Note that these cookies have a shelf-life of three months — and that’s only if you freeze them — so given them out and eat them up quickly!)

Unfortunately, you can’t buy just the red Starbursts on Jet, but there are sure to be plenty of the best flavor in this 54-ounce bag of Starbursts. That’s especially true if you buy a bunch of them, and the price will drop about 10 percent per bag when you get six. (That’s over 20 pounds of Starbursts for under $85.)

If you know a dog-parent with a pup with a penchant for ripping apart chew toys, give them ten of these cheap but expensive-looking sock-monkey toys for less than $7 each. That way, when Fido ruins the first one, they still have plenty of backups.

Ten boxes of Frosted Flakes might not make it through the whole semester, but that much cereal should keep a hungry college student stocked with snacks for a while.

The only gift that’ll make a kid more excited than a box of 303 Lego pieces is ten boxes of 303 Legos, which you can get for less than $140 with the discount on Jet.

Give one pair of Pendleton socks that they can enjoy now, and nine extra pairs for when they eventually get worn out after months of regular wear.

This TSA-friendly carry-on cocktail kit made last year’s list of New York editors’ favorite last-minute gifts, and they’re an easy thing to hand out to the frequent travelers in your life.

If your go-to gift for everyone on your list is the same cheap bottle of wine, order these gift bags in bulk, so you can at least make it seem fancy.

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The Best Gifts to Buy in Bulk on Jet