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The 17 Best Shower Caddies and Organizers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews and lots of ‘em) products and single out the most convincing. While we’ve written about the best bath mats and bathroom rugs, the best bathroom accents to zhuzh up your shower, the best bath towels, and even the best toilet plunger, here we’ve gone deep on the best shower caddies and organizers you can buy on Amazon, according to the people. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

4.5 stars, 693 reviews

“I really like this compared to other ones out there. This hangs well on my showerhead and never slips down. I like it much better than the white ones; it doesn’t show the soap buildup. It’s big enough to hold two plus-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner on the sides, bodywash, and my face wash. I also can hang my razors on the bottom, which is very convenient and keeps them pretty dry. Plus I can leave my bar soap on the bottom of it. It all fits just perfect with some extra room, and I just love the dark color. I would definitely recommend this for any shower.”

4.1 stars, 623 reviews

“I love this shower organizer. It’s extremely lightweight but spacious enough for all my hair, face, and body products on the shelves. I like how water isn’t able to collect anywhere, so I don’t have to worry about mold, mildew, or rust. I like the hooks that allow me to hang my scrubbers and brushes and cutouts for razors. It’s perfect for all my needs!”

4.5 stars, 358 reviews

“This AMAZING product is a lifesaver in terms of shower organization! Many other shower systems won’t work in my shower due to my showerhead’s angle, etc., but this product assembles easily, and is extremely secure (doesn’t wiggle all over the place or slide around like other non-fixed units). It adjusts to fit products of varying sizes, both vertically and horizontally, has a nice razor and soap holder, and as an added benefit, offers a few holes from which you can dispense your almost-finished shower gels by leaving the bottles upside down. It looks high-end and almost custom once installed properly, and frees up TONS of space in the shower where you would normally place products on the ledges or floor. Makes cleaning your shower an ease because you don’t have to take out shower accoutrements.”

4.1 stars, 294 reviews

“I’ve gone through plenty of shower organizers, but I think this is my last one! I love the suction cross that stabilizes the hanger and keeps it from shifting under the weight of all the bottles, plus it has holes so you can place the bottles upside down!! There’s a spot for everything, and it has a nice look. The shelves are far enough apart that large pump bottles still fit, but it’s not so large that it takes up the whole shower! And the trays even come off for easy cleaning!”

4.3 stars, 193 reviews

“This one is a winner because it accommodates one-liter Biolage bottles! I love how I can place them upside down and adjust the upper shelf down for a secure fit. The ability to store a washcloth also appealed to me — I can’t stand washcloths being laid on the glass shower door! The little side cubby is also great for placing those little individually packaged Venus razor blades. No more running out of the shower sopping wet to grab another! Overall, this is the high quality you would expect from this brand and for this price. The unit installs relatively easily and stays in place. I was able to shorten it so it didn’t run into the shower faucet. The shelves adjust and lock perfectly to custom fit your specific needs. It’s classy-looking and allows for so much storage.”

4.1 stars, 1,368 reviews

“This shower caddy not only looks nice, but it installs easily and works like a charm. The baskets SLIDE side to side, so you can position them to fit larger shampoo bottles. The hooks on the bottom are well-spaced and sturdy. There is even a large hook in the middle that wrangles in the handheld shower hose. We got a second one for our other bathroom! No more cruddy buildup on white shower caddies for us!”

4.5 stars, 306 reviews

“I have two teenage daughters, and their shower and bath products are numerous! Their bathroom was always cluttered with bottles, soaps, and tubes that collected hair and dust (we live in an arid climate). Not anymore! They LOVE this caddy because they can use all of their products due to the angled upside-down storage (they were never good about balancing bottles upside down, and the little dishes I would place them in upside down always made a mess). I LOVE this caddy because keeping the bathroom clean is so much easier and quicker now with just a few wipes, and this caddy gives the bathroom such an organized look. This is one of those inventions that REALLY makes life easier and that I wish had existed decades ago.”

4.6 stars, 206 reviews

“I just moved to a condo with a very modern stand-alone shower. Typical caddies that hang by the neck of the showerhead won’t do, as the neck of my showerhead is thick and square-shaped. I was worried about what to do, then I came across Vidan and decided to give it a try. This caddy met all my requirements: sleek modern design, plenty of hooks and basket space, and excellent suction cups that really stick! The instructions could be better written to show that you have a choice between using the suction cups by themselves or in conjunction with the adhesive disks (included) to install this caddy, but what is very clear is what surfaces the suction cups will and will not stick to, so follow them. I installed my caddy on a glass wall, using the suction cups by themselves, after cleaning the wall per the instructions, and it sticks like superglue! Now I can confidently store my bar of soap, loofah mitt, can of shaving cream, razor, and bottle of body oil. This is the best caddy I’ve ever had — well-designed, space-saving, and functional. If you follow the instructions for how to install it, I bet you’ll love it, too!”

4.6 stars, 111 reviews

“I have a small shower and was tired of dropping my shampoo and soap, and never had a place to hang my long-handled shower brush. This nifty little over-the-door shower caddy was the perfect solution. The top section holds bigger shampoo/conditioner bottles, and the lower shelf accommodates my soap and nail brush nicely. I love the little hooks for razors, and it keeps everything within reach. No more dropping stuff for me!”

4.4 stars, 516 reviews

“I was skeptical, because we live in a place with hard water and EVERYTHING goes rusty, no matter what you do. Well, I’ve been using this for about a month and there’s not a speck of rust yet. This must be a record! It’s perfect and fits all my big bottles (32-ounce bodywash) [and has a] place for razors. The top over-door hook parts are ample and would fit a regular door, therefore would fit most shower screens.”