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34 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Equipment to Thom Browne

This week’s sales highlights include a 50 percent off Thom Browne hat, our favorite fugly clogs, some very discounted Calvin Klein underwear, and a Rihanna-designed, 40 percent off scarf.

And yet another Strat favorite on sale: Ursa Major’s fantastic, all-natural Fantastic Face Wash in travel size.
Original Price: $12

A very nice towel set from Loft by Loftex (that includes two bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths).
Original Price: $50

A friend of ours just bought this puffer, and we thought it was from somewhere really fancy — turns out it ain’t! And it’s really cute. (For more on-sale jackets we like, click here.)
Original Price: $168

If you’re a proud graduate of Rihanna University, bundle up in this Fenty Puma varsity scarf.
Original Price: $70

These super-warm Sorel boots are fleece-lined and have an adjustable ankle strap for keeping cold air out.
Original Price: $150

Don’t have much closet to speak of? Hang your clothes on this doodad. (It comes in a powder blue, too.)
Original Price: $69

If you’ve been meaning to get a new umbrella, this one from Hunter (who know their way around a rainstorm) is a little bit cheaper than usual.
Original Price: $45

A sweet little cast-iron skillet, perfect for making, say, a grilled cheese.
Original Price: $10

Pop this on top of the stove, and it’s pancakes for everyone.
Original Price: $26

A kinda-preppy weekend bag from husband-wife-helmed brand Parker Thatch.
Original Price: $148

This alpaca scarf from knitwear line Emilime is really pretty and really warm.
Original Price: $158

A few more warm-weather goodies, like this delightful beret with a rainbow pom-pom atop it by hat wizard Eugenia Kim.
Original Price: $175

$120 may not seem cheap, but it is when we’re talking about a Thom Brown hat.
Original Price: $240

This is a very good price for this classic Pendleton wool blanket.
Original Price: $299

Right now, everything on sale at Tory Burch is an extra 30 percent off, like this very cool plaid-lined, patent-trimmed parka.
Original Price: $998

If your New Year’s resolution is to start making espresso, scoop up this 28 percent off mint-green maker.
Original Price: $25

Or, if your resolution was to start going to the gym more, these are some very slick Puma leggings.
Original Price: $40

And some Gigi Hadid–Tommy Hilfiger ones.
Original Price: $100

One of Rio Viera-Newton’s favorites: “This is, amazingly, both a touch-up brush and a sunscreen. It has a powder base and cap stick, which means it won’t spill all over your purse and ruin your day.”
Original Price: $57

We love the dainty little collar of this knit top. (It’s also available in red.)
Original Price: $190

A sporty, dainty cotton bra from Baserange.
Original Price: $78

Pair it with these high-waisted granny panties.
Original Price: $78

Just a very simple navy backpack from Carhartt WIP.
Original Price: $68

Some really nice men’s Chelsea boots with a comfy gum-rubber sole.
Original Price: $220