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All the Things I Considered Spending My Walmart and Walgreens Gift Cards On

The author’s Walmart gift card and wallet (the Walgreens card he forgot at home).

You know the holiday drill. You get a bunch of gifts that are the all-stars, and then a few supporting players that are “nice to haves”: white elephants and stocking stuffers and cards from grandma that comprise a Christmas haul that’ll largely be lost to some sad junk drawer in the TV console.

This year, two of my nice-to-haves included a $50 Walmart gift card from mom and a $50 Walgreens gift card from, randomly, a family friend. Because I’m a Strategist editor, I took the challenge of spending each card very seriously, careful to make the most of each half-Benjamin. In case you find yourself in a similar (non-)predicament, these are the things I contemplated before ultimately deciding what to buy.

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Every time someone has stayed over in the apartment, I think to myself, Damn, I need new towels. Walmart users seem to like these a lot.

The Apple TV I’m using is second-generation (a.k.a. obsolete), and I’ve heard nice things about this Roku.

I kind of want to buy this fancy hand wash and fill it up with apple-scented Mrs. Meyers when it’s done, shhh.

I usually buy these at $5 a pop, but ten for $30 is a phenomenal deal.

I am constantly running out of and stocking up on Fatboy, which, of course, they have at Walmart (for four bucks cheaper than Amazon!).

Like Camila Cabello, I have an unhealthy affinity for Takis. Mini Takis in smaller bags are great, not for portion control (boo) but freshness.

The orange on the cover of this book really speaks to me, though blowing an entire gift card on a Phaidon coffee-table book may just be too pretentious.