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All the Things I Considered Spending My Walmart and Walgreens Gift Cards On

The author’s Walmart gift card and wallet (the Walgreens card he forgot at home).

You know the holiday drill. You get a bunch of gifts that are the all-stars, and then a few supporting players that are “nice to haves”: white elephants and stocking stuffers and cards from grandma that comprise a Christmas haul that’ll largely be lost to some sad junk drawer in the TV console.

This year, two of my nice-to-haves included a $50 Walmart gift card from mom and a $50 Walgreens gift card from, randomly, a family friend. Because I’m a Strategist editor, I took the challenge of spending each card very seriously, careful to make the most of each half-Benjamin. In case you find yourself in a similar (non-)predicament, these are the things I contemplated before ultimately deciding what to buy.

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Every time someone has stayed over in the apartment, I think to myself, Damn, I need new towels. Walmart users seem to like these a lot.

The Apple TV I’m using is second-generation (a.k.a. obsolete), and I’ve heard nice things about this Roku.