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Guest Strategist Haul: What Alice Gregory Bought in February

Photo: Bryan Derballa

Every month, the Strategist editors do their version of a haul blog, jibber-jabbering about their favorite purchases of the past four weeks. To get that same personality and taste insight (via receipts), we’re inviting interesting friends of Strat to run down their own buys. For this installment of the Guest Strat Haul, frequent Strategist contributor Alice Gregory on her purchases for the last month (we fudged it and got her to tell us what she bought from mid-January to mid-February).

This purchase was a valiant-but-also-realistic attempt to stop wearing a Lanz of Salzburg flannel nightgown/stay married. It was listed in Everlane’s “Choose What You Pay” section. I really don’t understand this gimmick. Obviously what I chose to pay was the minimum amount? It’s crisp, glamorous in a borrowed-looking way — a convincing enough dupe for Olatz pajamas so long as I’m not wearing my glasses.

Note: This has sold out, but the very similar pajama shirt is still available and also on sale for just $32.

Bought Margaret Mead’s memoir within five seconds of learning that there’s a passage in it where she makes a convincing case for having a child — but only one.

I love these. They’re perfect for dunking absentmindedly in milky tea while working, as their virtues are negative: not distractingly flavorful, not crumbly.

These Lisa Frank rainbow roses are my go-to bodega flowers that you can also happen to buy online. Anyone who doesn’t think they’re beautiful is lying.

I can’t go to Mexico (where I went for vacation) without buying a tiny beaded corn keychain. This is from a site called Guatemala Creations, but it’s pretty much what I bought. They’re so perfect and cute and looking at them reminds me of my favorite quote: “Shine bright like a corn” —Amanda Bynes.

The same family of tailors — the Gammerellis of Rome — have been outfitting the Pope since 1798. They make cultish, tomato-red wool socks that are only stocked online at one U.K.-based store. I bought two pairs and have made it my goal to methodically replace all my socks with Pope socks over the next 1–2 years.

This is my favorite dessert, and since I live right off Atlantic Avenue it’s easy for me to keep in stock. Pismaniye is technically flossed halvah, but it’s often referred to as “Turkish cotton candy.” It’s wool-like, malty, and extremely messy. Gift with caution and enjoy with abandon!

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Guest Strat Haul: What Alice Gregory Bought This Month