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There Are So Many Things We Love on Sale at Dermstore Right Now

Dermstore’s Fourth of July sale is on already — from now until the actual holiday — and it’s a good one. Lots and lots of things that we’ve written about before are on sale, from summertime necessities to things you’ll want to stock up on before the weather gets cold. Use the code FOURTH to get 20 percent off on everything until July 4.

Writer Alice Gregory describes this brick but bright-red lipstick from Face Stockholm as freakishly flattering, noting that it was a favorite of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. And since that post, it’s become a favorite among Strategist readers and editors, alike.

“This gold-star favorite can be found in virtually every Japanese drugstore,” writes our beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton, adding, “and people rave about it in my skin-care group chat (yes, my friends and I have a group chat about skin care).” It’s a cleansing oil that her friends recommend for blackhead-prone, oily skin.

Rio was inspired to purchase this microneedle dermal roller system after coming across it on her Instagram Explore page a few times. “For reference,” she explains, “microneedling is generally done in a doctor’s office, during which small needles repeatedly puncture the skin in order to treat acne scars and plump up your skin.” And though it looks scary, it doesn’t hurt. Rio adds, “After using this dermal roller for a couple of weeks after cleansing but before putting on my Cosrx snail mucin, I’ve rid myself of acne scars that have been there for years.”

The Cut’s Kathleen Hou calls this French pharmacy staple “one of the best makeup removers I have ever tried. It works the way you wish water would by washing away even the thickest layers of makeup, making your skin feel refreshed and free of grime. It also cuts through waterproof makeup and the smokiest of smoky eye shadows.”

You can usually find these eye masks from Joanna Vargas in actress Judy Greer’s carry-on. “They’re very travel-friendly and make me look like I’ve slept for ten hours, even if I took the red eye.”

This hydrating moisturizer from Tula is one of Rio’s most essential cold-weather skin-care products, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. “It absorbs super quickly and makes your skin look nice and quenched without appearing greasy.”

Another beauty tool that Rio discovered on the internet, this at-home facial steamer helps to hydrate skin while clarifying complexion and detoxifying skin. Or, as Rio explains it, “The steam pressure is gentle but effective — it opens up your pores without being too aggressive and scalding your face off. It did bring a lot to the surface, as I feared, but once I finished with it, I slapped a pimple patch on the formerly blackheaded spots and everything looked good and glowy in the morning.”

David Yi, founder and editor-in-chief of Very Good Light and a gentleman with noticeably glowing skin, uses this AHA/BHA exfoliator mask from Herbivore. “This is awesome for anyone who’s looking to treat or prevent blackheads, blemishes, or acne because it gets deep into your pores,” and is more effective at removing dead skin than a physical exfoliant.