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A Lot of Le Creuset Cookware in Melodramatic Purple Is on Sale Now

Though Le Creuset has been making high-quality, enameled cast-iron cookware, including skillets and Dutch ovens, for the better part of a century, the traditional French brand isn’t immune to following trends and getting a little adventurous when it comes to color. A couple of years ago, when millennial pink popped up everywhere, Le Creuset came out with a new color called Hibiscus that was a dead ringer for the pale, rosy pink that refused to disappear.

So it hasn’t been a huge surprise that we’ve spotted this season’s trendiest melodramatic purple creeping into the cookware company’s collections. The Cut’s Emilia Petrarca describes this hue as “both sad and happy at the same time — a state of being I think a lot of people can relate to for spring 2018.” Le Creuset calls it Provence, likely in homage to the French lavender the color ostensibly imitates, and right now, there are lots of melodramatic-purple Le Creuset cookware on sale at Nordstrom for 20 percent off.