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40 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Apple to Sleepy Jones

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

We’re in a bit of an in-between stage right now — it’s not quite the holiday season, but it’s not not the holiday season. Lots of retailers are putting up some good deals to get us in the mood, though: There’s a sale-on-sale going on at Outnet, scads of Uniqlo goodies, even an RCA flat-screen for $130 at Walmart. All those, plus Rio’s favorite cleanser, a bunch of Madewell jeans, and some nice shoe deals from Nordstrom Rack.

A slightly long pocket T-shirt that you’ll wash and wear and get holes in before giving up.

Who knew Timberland made backpacks? We dig the unplaceable quality and speckled material on this knapsack. It looks almost like something you’d see slung over the shoulder of a hip Japanese high schooler.

Ah, the weighted blanket. Carla Hall loves them (hers is by Gravity). We just started using one and it’s shockingly comforting.

Andy Spade’s widely adored Sleepy Jones is a favorite of comfortably cool types, and the red-and-navy combo has become something of a signature for the brand.