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41 Things on Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From Uniqlo to Dyson

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

Columbus Day may be over, but there are still plenty of sales to be had. We went and found lots of home and kitchen goods this week, including things from Cuisinart, Dyson, Lacoste, and Black & Decker. That, plus clothes from Saturdays, Everlane, Madewell, and Uniqlo. Don’t forget that today is the very last day of the big Dermstore sale, too.

A very understated women’s watch that would make a nice birthday present for a teen.


A heads-up that Urban Outfitters is having a beauty sale, where you can score a dollar off the cultish Ouai volume spray (not a huge discount, but it’s something).


That means this nifty little toiletry kit (or pencil bag) from Tooletries is on sale, too.


How cool is the styling on this maxi dress? We’d want to wear it just the same, with some Adidas slides and a messily tied neckerchief.

Everlane Cotton Crew

Strategist HQ is a big fan of stripes, especially sophisticated mini ones like on this T-shirt.


We’d even wear this T-shirt with a black skirt for a bit of a high-low look.


There’s something just a little bit vintage and off-kilter about this denim dress, which is exactly why we like it.

ABC Carpet & Home is having a massive sale on its designer-approved rugs, and it ends this week — get some for up to 80 percent off.

Apple AirPods

If you’re looking to make the leap to AirPods, they’re a slight bit cheaper at Walmart than they are at Apple.

Two watches in one — whenever you get bored of the metal link bracelet, swap it out for the leather straps.

Photo: 18-05-24 kadeemfisher PM1 B8 raypfeiffer M

This longish-sleeved T-shirt almost has a Yeezy feel to it.

Photo: 18-05-17 edwingill PM1 B8 benbrubaker M

While this one’s slightly more classic.

A totally elegant pair of heels that makes date night that much more special.

These, on the other hand, are a bit more va-va-voom.

There’s something so friendly about the typeface on this tote — would be great for your next trip to Porto Rico.

We actually do own this candle and burn it in the guest room — it burns low and slow, and the Lafco glass jars have the nicest weight.

Sweatpants season is officially here, and few fabrics feel as nice against the skin as this fleece.

Photo: 18-06-05 Accessories AM2 B1 dylanremis W

We’re white-sneaker fanatics around here and just love the addition of a jaunty blue stripe.

A fancy food processor that holds 11 cups’ worth of food, now a third off.

Sanaa Lathan is obsessed with Anthony Thomas Melillo shirts, as are many people who fall in love with the flattering cuts and supersoft fabric.

Just imagine how fancy your guests will think you are when you hand them their crocodile-adorned Lacoste towels.

When Barbara Corcoran talks, you listen. She says these Hanky Panky thongs are “inexpensive and last forever. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a single pair out. The stretch material never gives up on you, and they don’t feel like you have underwear on.”

Get yourself a brand-name clothing iron because even the best garment steamer can’t get everything crisp.

It’s the very last day of the too-good-to-last Dermstore Friends & Family sale. You can still get this Rio-beloved morning cleanser (plus lots of other things) for 20 percent off.

$10 at Dermstore
with code: FRIEND

Harry Potter glasses never looked so good for so cheap.