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What’s New: 10 Things the Editors Are Excited About

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers.

Product obsessives as we are at the Strategist, our editors are constantly hearing about new and notable things, and while we haven’t bought or tried them all, we’d like to. To give you a taste of what we’ve been eyeing recently, we’ve put together a list of new stuff that we can’t wait to get our hands on (and in some cases, have already).

David Notis, writer


I’ve never actually tried this, but I’ve read a lot about it online, and I’ve seen some convincing before/after photos on Reddit. The idea is that you can just rub the bar all over your jacket and then, magically, “cotton” becomes “waxed cotton.” That’s the idea, at least. I have a waxed jacket that could use a refresh, so I’m thinking about trying this out on it. I also like the idea of finding a vintage jacket and giving it the weatherproof treatment. Also, every other fabric wax treatment I’ve seen is “heat-activated,” which means it requires a hair dryer or something like that, and I don’t have a hair dryer.

Karen Ioro Adelson, writer

I got to try out a sample of this motion-sensor, app-controlled motorized mouse toy for cats and it’s a hoot. My cat — who spends about 90 percent of her time sleeping on a cat tree and resists moving at all cost — couldn’t control her curiosity when I started moving this around on the floor. There are two modes: one you control with the corresponding smartphone app, and one that’s automatic, where the mouse moves around on its own (you can set the speed and whether or not it should cling to walls) for some independent play time. There are interchangeable “tails” that bounce, flick, and snake their way across the floor to drive cats crazy. It’s not without some kinks — the mouse won’t move on my extra-thick shag carpet, it can be a bit loud, and a more aggressive cat could knock it out of commission — but if this is the future of cat toys, I’m here for it.

Jason Chen, deputy editor

John Meyers mentioned these socks in his Guest Haul this month, and funnily enough, I’ve been loving them, too. The co-founder of Kane 11 was a colleague of mine a million years ago, and he was kind enough to send over a few pairs for me to try, and they’re just great — subtle, black and gray (my favorite), and totally the perfect fit. I never thought I needed socks in exactly my size, but I guess I do.

Margaret Rhodes, senior editor

I am on the cusp of a huge (for me) life change: I recently quit my gym, which was starting to feel too loud, corporate, and generally amped-up, and signed up for a membership at a smaller Pilates studio in my neighborhood. To replace all the cardio I got from spinning and Tabata classes, I’ve also vowed that I’ll finally start taking running seriously instead of just doing it whenever I need to clear my head. Why I decided to make this change on the eve of winter, I don’t know. But to make it work I’ll need better winter running gear, so I was excited to see Outdoor Voices release these shirts in merino wool, which is both cozy and, crucially, moisture-wicking. I’ve been thinking about snagging one of the Tracksmith shirts that Strat writer Karen likes, but the peach and red colors from Outdoor Voices spoke to me. Maybe I’ll just buy them all.

While I was looking at those shirts, I also saw the new Outdoor Voices fleece pullovers, and it’s hard not to want one of those, too. Now that it’s dark at 4 p.m. and hibernating season is upon us, I don’t think I’d ever have the willpower to take it off. And just look at this shade of red. It’s enough to ward off seasonal depression all by itself.

Liza Corsillo, editor

Despite spending an inordinate amount of time daydreaming about the perfect pair of lace-up boots, I don’t think I have ever actually owned a pair. A few weeks ago, while enjoying an insane amount of high-quality passed hors d’oeuvres at an Eileen Fisher x Public School collaboration party, I spotted these babies. They’re everything that makes Eileen Fisher a timeless and drool-inducing brand: simple, sustainably made with beautiful materials, soft, and charmingly mom-ish. I have been toying with buying them for myself but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Maxine Builder, writer

I really like to bring my lunch to work, but some days, I just do not have enough room in my tote bag to fit a Tupperware and a water bottle and everything else I need in a day, so I resign myself to buying lunch in the neighborhood. The practical answer to this problem would be to use a lunchbox, but I already have a ton of hyper-practical, insulated lunch bags. I just never use them because they’re all really ugly and make me feel dorky. So when I got a press release for this actually-stylish lunchbox this week, I actually gasped. It has the same stylish, structured look as a purse (and actually reminded me of my co-worker Lori’s very chic work bag, which is enviably small), but it’s an insulated lunch bag that has a shoulder strap, so it’s easy to carry. I’m totally sold on the idea, and I will probably snatch up the beige Luncher before the holidays.

Lori Keong, writer

I’m filing these under “things I could never afford, but will covet endlessly.” I almost squealed out loud when I thumbed past these sheepskin skimmers on Instagram a few weeks ago, and they just launched at Sleeper if you’re looking to splurge. They’re the most beautiful-but-still-cozy house slippers I’ve ever seen — there’s something very Celine about them.

This one’s sheer whimsy, but I’ve also been eyeing Susan Alexandra’s watermelon cardholder pouch since she posted about it last month. I’m over my cardholder days, since I’ve really leaned into having a fat wallet, but I see that some people keep things like birth control pills in their watermelon pouch — which I think is very a funny idea that I might co-opt.

Soko Glam’s Charlotte Cho just launched a new skincare line called Then I Met You and I’ve really enjoyed testing out their first release, a double cleansing duo. It’s my first time double cleansing, which I was always hesitant to do with my dry, dry skin, but I’ve found that the combo of an oil and gel is very gentle — even calming? The mango-colored cleansing balm has the most delightfully silky, sherbet-y texture, and looks good enough to eat, while the rice ferment cleansing gel makes for a soothing follow-up (and smells subtly of licorice).

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What’s New: 10 Things the Editors Are Excited About