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If You Buy One Thing Today, Make It Parachute’s (20 Percent-Off) Linen Sheets

Cyber Monday deals: The Strategist recommends linen sheets from Parachute.
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On a day like today, there are two strategic approaches: buy pricey stuff that you need but don’t really get excited about spending money on, like a humidifier or oral hygiene equipment, or indulge in something you’ve been coveting but would have felt foolish about buying until it went on sale.

Luckily for you, I have a recommendation that straddles the two categories: linen bedsheets. They’re useful, because we all want to put decent sheets on our bed. And they’re luxurious, both because they cost a not-insignificant few-hundred bucks, and because the linen fibers embrace you with a softness that’s neither cloying nor hot. You can’t say that about most other soft materials, like mohair or fur. And, yes, this is a drum I’ve been relentlessly beating lately. The fact of the matter is that few products have ever had the power to change my life. I love a lot of stuff, and swear by certain brands over others. But every single night I sleep on linen sheets is far superior to a night on which I don’t, and if you consider that one-third of your life is spent in bed, you’re getting an excellent ROI.

From $279

Because I’m a zealot, I can tell you what distinguishes certain brands over others — which lines make downier sheets; which ones use the best dyes. Parachute makes your ideal middle-of-the-road, crowd-pleaser sheets. The linen is heftier, so it feels more old-world against your skin and less like those flannel sheets your mom used to put on your bed. They run in a range of attractive, subtle colors like “Fog,” “Coal,” and a dark indigo. But some of those have already sold out, because at 20 percent off, this is very good deal.

From $423

Brooklinen’s well-reviewed, well-liked linen sheets are on sale, too. If you go for the “hardcore bundle,” which includes a duvet cover, you get a slightly bigger discount of 15 percent off.

From $219

Another can’t-go-wrong set, which we tested in our first round of reviewing linen sheets, these West Elm ones have a clean, crisp feel. Use the code for free shipping today.

Everything at Need Supply Co. is 20 percent off, including linen sheet separates from Hawkins New York. I have not personally tried sheets from Hawkins yet, but I am dying to. Trusted parties have told me that theirs are especially fine — and if the rest of Hawkins’ goods are any indication, I’m sure those people are correct. Fitted sheets and other colors can be found at Need Supply Co., here.

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If You Buy One Thing Today, Make It Parachute’s Linen Sheets