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4 Fashion Stylists on Amazon’s Weird, Wonderful (and Useful) Secret Treasures

Photo: courtesy of the Retailers

In the old days, fashion stylists used to spend days leading up to photo shoots running around town hoping to find the perfect pair of ankle socks or the just-so faux-snakeskin stilettos. Now they can — and do — just order it all on Amazon. It was stylist Keely Murphy, whom we wrote about last year (she has a whole Instagram account, @fashionsecrets93, based on the wild, wonderful, and often very 2019 pieces she’s found while trawling the site) who tipped us off to this. So we reached out to her and three more stylists who regularly delve into the deep depths of Amazon for fashion shoot-ready wares. Alongside Murphy, there’s Ashley Munns, a stylist based in San Francisco who picks around Amazon for her tight-budget editorials; Ashley Guerzon, who’s done work with FADER and Clash; Hannah Black, a Chicago-based stylist and the creative director of IN Magazine. Below, they share their most surprising — and most useful — finds.

Keely Murphy

“I initially bought this set of tube socks for an ’80s-high-school-themed shoot. Now they live in my set bag and I bring them to everything. They have a really nice bunchy look that can read as contemporary or kitschy depending on what the outfit is. Ten out of ten, would buy again.”

“I bought this dress partially for a music video and mostly for myself. The price was low, it looks surprisingly expensive, it’s a great mini length, and the zipper is fully functional. The seller has a range of crop tops and mini skirts and I am definitely impressed with the material. Would go back for more.”

“Bucket hats are back and, I believe, will live through the summer. So why not go with the original? I got a few different Kangol shapes and colors off Amazon at once (because I like to have options), but this simple white one has gotten the most use. I love the terry material; it looks great with a swimsuit or sundress.”

“These glasses are sold by a dead-stock company I really like, Replay Vintage Sunglasses. I love the shape of this cat eye — it’s referential but unique. Quality is great and they are less than $10!”

Ashley Guerzon