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If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Make It a Boppy Newborn Lounger

Photo: Courtesy of the retailer

The Boppy, which is essentially an overstuffed pillow with a scooped-out section for your baby, is one of the most-registered-for newborn items for 2019 so far. It’s just one of those things that you see on almost every single registry — and for good reason. When you have a newborn, you quickly realize that there aren’t many places to just put them down. You’re either holding them, which gets tiring, or they’re in a bassinet, which will most likely be in the other room and out of the way. The highly portable Boppy weighs about three pounds, so moving it and the baby (separately, of course) with you around the house is easy. Of all the baby gear we amassed for our now 4-month-old son Augie, the Boppy was one of our — and his — favorite things.

This baby couch of sorts is raised just enough to make it look like a tiny throne. In fact, that’s how we used it, as a “chair” for our baby when we needed a break from holding him but still wanted him to join us. We’d bring the Boppy to the kitchen and put him in there while we ate lunch and he snoozed. Or he’d hang out on the floor in the Boppy when guests came over, chilling in the comfort of the recessed cushion. (Everyone who visited said the same thing: “Do they make an adult version of that?”) He’d even come with us to the TV room while we watched The Sopranos — but facing away from the television; no screen time for him yet.

And for the first couple of months of his life, Augie seemed to love it. He looked so comfy and content in the Boppy all snuggled up, whether he was sleeping, which he did a lot of as a newborn, or slow-blinking at everything going on around him.

In addition to the convenience, my husband and I were impressed with how well it’s made. A lot of baby stuff is overpriced and of shoddy quality. But the Boppy, which is reasonably priced to begin with, looks as good today as it did the first time we took it out of its packaging, and we used it every day for about three months until he started rolling over. The whole thing is even machine-washable and holds its shape after multiple washes. It’s worth noting that it rarely goes on sale, but for Prime Day, you can get this cute whale-print one for 25 percent off.

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If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Make It a Boppy Lounger