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I Already Have a Fitbit, But This Prime Day Deal Is So Good, I’m Buying Another

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For my birthday this year, I bought myself a Fitbit. I was deciding between two models (the Charge and the Alta HR), and for reasons I no longer remember, I went with the Charge. At first I was happy with my decision. I eagerly tried to get in my 10,000 steps per day, obediently got up and walked around when it buzzed to let me know I’d been sitting too long, and excitedly checked the Fitbit app each morning to see my sleep data. I loved tracking my resting heart rate and seeing how things like overdoing it in a workout or finally catching up on sleep could affect it.

About a month into my Fitbit ownership, though, I realized I’d made a big mistake. I was getting ready to attend a friend’s wedding and I looked in the mirror and realized: This thing’s ugly. The hulking plastic band and big display screen didn’t really match my lace cocktail dress. I decided to go without it, and my data-obsessed self still regrets not knowing how many calories I burned or steps I took on the dance floor that night. Did I get my heart rate up high enough for it to count as a workout? Did I burn enough calories to offset that second serving of dessert? I’ll never know. But I do know I should have gone with the much slimmer Alta HR.

Now, with the Alta HR discounted to under $100 (the cheapest I’ve ever seen it) on Amazon Prime Day, I feel less silly buying yet another Fitbit — and you can avoid making the same mistake. While it’s still noticeably an activity tracker (although much less so), the streamlined Alta HR could easily blend in with a few stacked bracelets and it’s less overwhelming on narrow wrists. Despite its slim profile, the Alta HR display gives you the same information as a larger Fitbit. You can click on the touchscreen to toggle between the time, your heart rate, your daily step count, distance traveled, and calories burned. There’s even more data to discover on the app, like detailed information on your sleep and workouts. It’s all of the tracking you need, with a device you won’t be embarrassed to wear.

Note: Prices vary by color; this specific deal seems to only apply to black.

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This Prime Day Deal Is So Good I’m Buying Another Fitbit