don't dillydally

11 Things That’ll Almost Definitely Sell Out: From Warby Parker to Billie Eilish

Photo: courtesy of the retailers

This week’s edition of Don’t Dillydally (our look at the new launches worth gobbling up before they sell out) features a particularly fun and festive range of products, from Billie Eilish sports bras to Central Perk coffee to squiggly lamps.

Urban Outfitters x Clever

Clever, Architectural Digest’s jazzier younger sister, has teamed up with Urban Outfitters on a collection of homewares designed by six of the site’s favorite young makers. The stuff is bright, squiggly, and fun — and selling out.

Geoff McFetridge x Warby Parker

The artist Geoff McFetridge (some may know him from his New Yorker totes, others may know him as being one of the ‘The Beautiful Losers’) has created two limited-edition sunglasses styles for Warby Parker — available for both men and women — inspired by his own beloved vintage frames.