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12 Things That’ll Almost Definitely Sell Out: From Lil Wayne to Everlane

Photo: courtesy of the retailers

This week’s edition of Don’t Dillydally — our weekly dive into the new releases worth snatching up before they’re gone — features an Italian notebook, some sweat-fighting socks, and Lil Wayne’s unlikely (but excellent) collaboration with American Eagle.

Allbirds Socks

Allbirds’ first foray into apparel comes in the form of these sustainable Trino Socks made from “proprietary” yarn meant to keep your feet from sweating. Pretty much all the no-show socks are sold out, so we imagine these “tubers” are not long for this world either.

Coach X Tabitha Simmons

While these are not cheap by any means, the shoes from Tabitha Simmons’ new collaboration with Coach are a lot cheaper (over $500 cheaper) than her regular, non-collaboration-with-Coach shoes.

Lil Wayne’s New Fashion Line With American Eagle

Lil Wayne’s somewhat unlikely collaboration with American Eagle is no less than totally wonderful. We have a particular fondness for this blue T-shirt and the sling bag below.

Baggu’s New Houndstooth Tote

Photo: kabir fernandez

It’s hard for Baggu to top its recent Lox Plate bag, but this newly launched houndstooth tote is pretty great, too.

Fenty’s Limited-Edition Poutsicle Shades