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Colorful, Cozy Pendleton Socks Are on Sale at Zappos (for As Low As $8)

Photo: Courtesy of retailer

With temperatures outside (finally!) dropping, our footwear wardrobe is transitioning from sandals (or socks and sandals) to just closed-toe shoes. And just in time for this transition, Zappos has gone and put a bunch of snazzy Pendleton socks on sale. The Oregon-based brand is known for its cozy blankets in bright stripes and colorful Western-inspired patterns — and its socks share many of those same details. The sale includes cotton- and wool-blend socks in no-show, crew-cut, and over-the-knee styles, with various nature- and National Park–themed patterns and prints (a few of which you could even wear on those warm fall days when socks and sandals may still be appropriate). The best part: You can get some for as little as $8.