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13 Things That’ll Almost Definitely Sell Out: From Reformation to Post Malone

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

This week’s edition of Don’t Dillydally — our weekly dive into the new releases worth snatching up before they’re gone — is a bit of a grab bag, with sustainable-clothing launches from Reformation and Everlane, the revival of Scoop N.Y.C., and a couple of rock-star collaborations.

Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories at Amazon

Lady Gaga’s beauty line Haus Laboratories officially launched back in July, as part of Amazon Prime Day, but the preordered products have only started shipping out this week. And to celebrate this milestone, along with the fact that everything is fully shoppable, the brand debuted three new products, including this Liquid Eye-lie-ner, which is described as matte-r than matte and extremely black.

Madewell x Dickie’s

This collaboration between Madewell and Dickies leans a bit more workwear than fashion, with pieces like these thick, sturdy overalls made from duck cloth. But the more-fitted silhouettes and softer color palette (that blush-pink jumpsuit!) make everything feel a little more versatile without totally sacrificing function.

Classic navy trousers with a slightly higher hemline that’ll look good on pretty much anybody.

Everlane Glove Boot ReKnit

This new Glove Boot from Everlane has a similar shape as their Day Boot but is made with a recycled knit fabric rather than leather. This more flexible construction allows them to stretch as you move and promises to eliminate ankle gap.

Walmart x Scoop