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11 Highly Topical Halloween Costumes (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of the studios

The 31st of October is just a blink away, and unless you’re the kind of person who plans your Halloween costume a year in advance, you probably haven’t given any thought to what you’re going to wear. So if you’d rather not fall back on the old sheet-with-two-holes-cut-in-it routine, or go as some kind of political dad joke like the whistle-blower, you’ll need a creative — and quick to ship — alternative. That’s where we come in. Here are 11 extremely of-the-moment 2019 Halloween costumes that you can buy on Amazon.

Brad Pitt from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The best Halloween costumes are the ones you can throw on over jeans and wear well after the holiday is over. This Champion tee, along with everything else Brad Pitt wore in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, has become something of a sartorial sensation with men searching the internet for reproductions. Add a pair of aviators, some beat up 501s, and a sunny yellow Hawaiian shirt for the full Cliff Booth effect.

Lil Nas X from the “Old Town Road” video

Lil Nas X captured America’s hearts in 2019 with his yeehaw anthem “Old Town Road.” And dressing in his signature Western attire, even if your cowboy hat isn’t from Gucci, should win you gallons of partygoer affection. Another plus of going “Old Town Road” for Halloween is the potential for a buddy or couple costume, should one of you feel like wearing a matching Billy Ray Cyrus getup.

Rue, Jules, or Lexi from Euphoria

Euphoria is overflowing with excellent costume ideas, but if you’re looking for something a little more wholesome than Kat’s latex nun costume, these golden roller skates and a generous sprinkling of glittery makeup will invoke the spirit of the show. And since roller-skating is making a bit of a comeback, picking up this pair — which came recommended by Rebel RousHer of Queer Girl Straight Skates in our article about the best skates — is a win-win. If you’re heading out on the 31st with three or four of your closest friends (à la Rue, Lexi, Sydney, Cassie, and Kat), coordinating skates and shimmery makeup will help you make a strong entrance.

J.Lo from Hustlers

Maybe you’re looking to step into the very sexy shoes of Jennifer Lopez’s Hustlers character Ramona, but don’t want to spend as much (hopefully not stolen) money as she did. Well, you’re in luck: All you need is this affordable faux-fur coat and handfuls of fake cash to pull it off.

Kieran Culkin from Succession

The fashion on Succession may be incredible, but the only thing you really need to look like one of the Roy kids is a sharp topcoat and a well-stuffed manila envelope. If you’d rather go as Shiv, swap out the gray wool for a pumpkin-colored trench and denim ball cap.