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What Strategist Readers Bought in 2019: The Year’s 25 Top-Selling Things

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

In lieu of a regular edition of Your Shopping Cart, a biweekly breakdown of the top-ten items Strategist readers have bought in droves, today we’re taking a look back at the entire year and rounding up the 25 best-selling products of 2019. Full of practical goods (like an electric toothbrush and a handheld vacuum), kids’ toys (including a wooden piano and the very trendy Blume dolls), and things that would make great gifts (a weighted blanket and the infamous Amazon coat), this year-end list is a fitting snapshot of the useful, delightful, unexpected mix of products we write about every day.

This electric toothbrush debuted on our best-seller list in July in fifth place. It has remained on the list ever since, appearing 13 times, including five consecutive first-place finishes. Now it takes the title of best-selling product of 2019. We discovered this brush during Teeth Week, when several dentists called it their favorite electric toothbrush, with one explaining how it rotates 44,000 times per minute for “a lot of disruption of plaque.” It’s also the top-rated model on Amazon, where it has earned more than 7,000 five-star reviews. As one happy user says, “This toothbrush leaves my teeth feeling like they’ve been power washed.”

Oh, the Amazon coat. It all began when Strategist editor Katy Schneider spotted the expensive-looking (but actually very affordable) jacket on a handful of stylish women on New York’s Upper East Side. Since then, the coat has inspired a dedicated Instagram account, sparked dozens of imitators (there’s an Amazon coat for dogs, apparently), and now comes in red and in kids’ sizes. Due to its runaway popularity, the coat has gone up in price from under $100 to $140 over the past two years, but that hasn’t stopped our readers from buying it. And in case you’re thinking the trend is dying down, consider that the coat finished 2018 in ninth place but jumped up to second this year.

3. Press Here Board Book

One of the best gifts for 2-year-olds, according to child development experts, the interactive Press Here board book has popped up on our best-seller list six times since its August debut. While it never hit No. 1 or even broke into the top three, the book made a strong showing around the holidays (it was a top seller on Black Friday even though it wasn’t on sale) and ultimately finishes in third place for the year. Illustrated by artist Hervé Tullet, the book features colorful “buttons” to let toddlers learn about cause and effect. It encourages finding patterns, making predictions, learning colors, remembering sequences, and having fun with a parent, sibling, or other caregiver.

We discovered this fancy lube back in 2018, when Samantha Bard, co-owner of Shag in Williamsburg, described it as “one the highest-quality silicone lubes out there.” Überlube has made our best-seller list 17 times (the third-most of any product) over the past two years and finished in sixth place in our top items of 2018.

Photo: Courtesy of vendor

Each year, we ask tend forecasters to predict which kids’ toys will sell out during the holiday season, and so far they’ve been spot-on. While last year was all about Hatchimals, the Skyrocket Blume Doll is shaping up to be 2019’s toy of the year. It ranked on our last four best-seller lists of the year, including two consecutive times in the top spot. As Adrienne Appell, senior director of communications at the Toy Association, explains, “the hair of the doll is made of slow-rise foam, and when you water the ‘plant,’ it looks as if your doll is blooming from the pot.” We had a chance to try one out on in the Strategist office, and watching the doll’s head pop through left us giddy.

This tiny yet powerful handheld vacuum first made the best-seller list in summer 2017 and has appeared ten times since then, most recently this June. What initially drew our attention were some very enthusiastic Amazon reviews: Nearly 11,000 shoppers give it five stars, including this one who raves, “It quickly and easily sucks up crumbs, hair, dust, litter, and all those other little items that plague our surfaces, and it makes our space look soooo much nicer.”