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The Retailers (Big and Small) Doing Curbside Pickup Amid the Pandemic

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If you’ve been shopping for essentials (and other stuff) online ever since most of the country implemented strict stay-at-home measures, you’ve probably witnessed that many retailers, faced with a surge in orders, are struggling to fulfill them, leading to delays. Presumably to ease the stress on their delivery systems, many — both big and small — now offer the option of curbside pickup (in some cases as quickly as two hours). While every store has slightly different protocols, the curbside-pickup service at most places works like this: Fill your cart online, then go pick up your order without entering the actual store (an employee will bring your order out to your car to limit all parties’ exposure). Below, we’ve listed the national and New York City–based retailers we know of (and trust) utilizing curbside pickup, along with what sorts of stuff you can get at each.

But first: a note about groceries.

A number of grocery stores, both national and local, are offering curbside pickup. However, we’ve noticed that some have said this option won’t result in faster service. For instance, in New York City, Wegmans is offering curbside pickup (in addition to delivery) via Instacart but notes that “curbside-pickup times with Instacart are limited, and, in many cases, orders are taking longer to be shopped.” Elsewhere, Aldi and Publix stores also offer curbside pickup at select locations by way of Instacart. And a Long Island location of Whole Foods (select stores are offering pickup through Amazon Prime Now) told us that there’s a lead time of about a week. Still, it’s an option, and other stores — like Safeway, Kroger, and Walmart Grocery — offer forms of curbside pickup without an intermediary service like Instacart.

For pretty much everything else (including shelf-stable groceries)

Target, via its Drive Up service, offers curbside pickup of mostly anything you might need — from underwear to kids’ toys to video games to workout gear to shelf-stable groceries like beans and pasta to Rio’s favorite inexpensive hand cream for constantly washed hands. (Notably, perishable food, flowers, and alcohol are not available for curbside pickup.) The service is available at select stores, pending product availability. To determine whether your store offers Drive Up, locate the item you wish to purchase in the app. If it is available for Drive Up, it will indicate that under “Pick it up,” according to the company. To order, shop on the website or the app and select Drive Up as your delivery method. Once you receive a notification that your order is ready (through email and the app), open the app and select “I’m on my way” under the “Discover” tab. When you’re there, park in the designated area, select “I’m here” in the app, and someone will bring your order out to your car and scan a barcode from your app to confirm pickup.

Big Lots!

Big Lots! offers curbside pickup of in-stock products from its inventory of clothing, shelf-stable pantry goods, and household items including décor, personal care, and cleaning products (like this OxiClean stain remover that we’ve written about before). Shop online, wait for a confirmation email, then head to the store. Call the store and describe your vehicle to a team member, who will bring out your order.

For household basics and small appliances

Ace Hardware

Your neighborhood Ace Hardware may be offering curbside pickup (and delivery) — the company says the services are available at select locations — of supplies for home repair, DIY, and gardening, as well as certain essentials, such as these rechargeable batteries that were recommended to us by survivalists (don’t forget the charger). Simply order online and select “Free store pickup” at checkout. Once you receive an email confirming that your order is ready for pickup, head to the store, then call the number provided in the email and an associate will come out with your order.


Kohl’s, which carries clothing for the whole family as well as home goods including furniture, bedding, and appliances like vacuums and the do-it-all Instant Pot (that will serve you well if you’re cooking a lot these days), offers curbside pickup at select locations (check here for a list). Order online and choose “Drive up” when adding items to your cart. You’ll receive an email when your order is ready with pickup instructions. When you arrive, call the number provided in the email and an associate will bring your items to your trunk or back seat.

For specialty foods

For those in New York City, Sahadi’s — the Brooklyn purveyor of Middle Eastern fare — now offers curbside pickup (and local at-home delivery) from its locations on Atlantic Avenue and in Industry City through Mercato. In addition to Middle Eastern staples like tahini and harissa, Sahadi’s carries pantry staples like this chef-approved sea salt from La Baleine as well as grains and plenty of beans. Mercato offers a free 14-day trial, after which you have to pay to join (fees start at $8 a month). Just know that even if you’re picking up curbside, Sahadi’s is experiencing the same delays that larger grocers are, so it may not be a faster option.

For men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing and home accents

Instead of in-store pickup, Nordstrom is now offering contactless curbside pickup at select stores where local regulations allow. (If you’re itching for some new loungewear, you could nab this Chris Black–approved Champion hoodie). To see if your store (and item) is eligible, look for the “Buy and pick up” option or select “Curbside pickup” at checkout. You’ll receive a notification when your order is ready for pickup. When you arrive, drive up to the designated area and call the store, or select “I’m here” in the app. Provide your order information and the make, model, and color of your car, then an associate will bring your items directly to your trunk.

For kids and babies

Buybuy Baby is now offering its range of baby and kids’ products — including formula, food pouches, and toys like this bubble-blowing mower from our list of expert-recommended outdoor toys for kids — via curbside pickup at all stores. Online, you can shop to reserve available items at your nearest store, and once you’ve filled your cart, the company will send a pickup-confirmation email within two hours. Once you arrive at the store, you call to pay for your order over the phone, then wait for someone to bring it to your car, according to the company.

For workout gear and apparel

Subject to product availability, Dick’s is offering contactless curbside pickup at its stores, where you can find all manner of footwear, apparel, sports equipment, and more (like these gliders that Chris Black recommends for replicating a Barry’s Bootcamp workout at home). To take advantage of the service, shop online, wait for an email indicating your order is ready, drive up to the main entrance, then check in through your confirmation email or by calling the store. A team member will then bring your order to your car or load it in the trunk for you. Orders are typically ready within an hour, according to Dick’s.

For office supplies

Office Depot and OfficeMax

Curbside pickup is available at most Office Depot and OfficeMax ones, if you’re looking to stock up on supplies for your home office or your kids’ virtual classrooms (like these trusty pens that made our list of the 100 best pens). Order online, wait for an email indicating your order is ready (typically within an hour), drive to the store, then select “I’m curbside” in the email once you arrive. An associate will bring out your order.


Staples is offering curbside pickup of its inventory of office supplies (like this notebook from our list of the 100 best notebooks) at most locations. Order online, choosing store pickup, then call ahead if you want to pick up your order outside (rather than in the store).

For household organizing and other at-home projects

Select Container Store locations are offering curbside pickup: The company says to call your nearest store to confirm if it’s an option; if it is, the Container Store says the service can be faster than ordering online and having products shipped. That faster delivery means you don’t have to wait so long to get started on a productive project during all your time at home, even if its as small as reorganizing your junk drawer with these expert-recommended stackers.


Michaels, a favorite resource for all things crafts related, is offering curbside pickup at select locations (you can look up which stores offer it here). Order online, select the pickup option at checkout, then wait for an email with pickup instructions. Call the number provided in the email once you arrive at the store and then an employee will bring the order right to your trunk. If you’re desperate for activity ideas for your kiddos, child-development experts say you can grab some pipe cleaners, like these, and challenge them to stick one through every hole in a colander (it helps with motor skills).

For electronics

GameStop — which, of course, has plenty to offer in the gaming department but also sells other electronics, accessories, and even clothing — is offering contactless curbside pickup at all of its locations (where state and local laws allow). If you’re looking for something to help pass the time and take a load off, Strategist senior editor Anthony Rotunno recommends the Sega Genesis Mini Console, which he says “will transport me to my childhood living room with the press of a button.” Order online to reserve your stuff, await confirmation and instructions, then call when you’ve arrived at the store. An associate will meet you at the entrance with your order. Orders will be held for seven days and be charged at pickup.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers contactless curbside pickup at most locations through its website and app. The service seems particularly worthwhile to anyone who is craving a new TV for binge-watching (like this TCL model that, one expert says, “almost nothing compares to at this size and price”) but is worried about having it shipped. Once you place your order, a confirmation email will provide instructions on how to pick up. At the store, let them know you’ve arrived and then someone will bring your order and load it in the trunk for you.

For pets

The majority of Petco stores, which stock everything you’d need for your furry friends (like this veterinarian-recommended dog food from Royal Canin), now offer curbside pickup. Order online or through the app, select the “I’ll pick it up” option (which saves you 10 percent), and wait for an email confirming your order. Then, once you’ve arrived at the store, call the number provided in the email and wait for someone to bring it out to you.


PetSmart, another emporium for your pets, is offering a discount of 10 percent on all products, including veterinarian-approved Purina cat food, if you order online and select curbside pickup. Once you arrive at the store parking lot, call and provide the name, make, model, and color of your vehicle and an associate will bring your order to your car.

For reading material

A couple New York City–area bookstores are offering curbside pickup, too. One is Word, which offers the service at its locations in Greenpoint and Jersey City. You can order by phone or online and select the “Pickup” option at checkout. If you’re looking for a book to get lost in, the aptly named Days of Distraction, which tells the story of a young woman who leaves a tech job in search of herself, comes recommended by Laura Zigman, the author of Separation Anxiety.

Archestratus Books & Foods

In addition to food-related literature and cookbooks, Archestratus Books & Foods sells specialty groceries (from third-party partners) too. All of its merchandise is available for curbside pickup at the Greenpoint store, which says to check its website for details on what days pickup is available. Should you want to make the most of a trip, you could pick up Nothing Fancy, which has become the de facto quarantine cookbook (at least according to Instagram), and some ingredients to make one of its recipes.

And a handful of retailers offering in-store pickup

In addition to the retailers offering true curbside pickup, a handful — including Home DepotLowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Walmart, and Kmart — are offering some form of in-store pickup. These places allow you to shop online and collect in person but will require you to enter the actual store to do so.

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The Retailers Doing Curbside Pickup Amid the Pandemic