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10 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want to Buy: From L.L. Bean to Bose

Photo-Illustration: retailers

We’ve written about lots of the items in today’s midday sales roundup before on the Strategist, including a classic backpack from L.L. Bean, a cheap but expensive-smelling candle, and a professional-organizer-recommended food-storage container.

Way back in 2017, we dubbed Maison Louis Marie one of our favorite makers of cheap but expensive-smelling candles. Later, Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney told us she burns this woodsy No. 04 scent at every store, from Soho to Nashville.


This design-y water bottle from Hay converted one former Strategist editor from a water hater to someone who drinks it all the time, and it’s on sale now at Need Supply.

Madewell is offering 50 percent off select swim and sandals, including cover-ups, with code WHATADEAL — like these subtly striped tie-dye-print board shorts that are easy to slip on whether you’re at the beach or staying on your couch.

$38 at Madewell
with code: WHATADEAL
L.L.Bean Original Book Pack

L.L. Bean is taking 20 percent off all backpacks with code PACKS20, so you can snag this Strategist-approved classic backpack for the little one heading back to school (or for yourself).

$30 at L.L. Bean
with code: PACKS20
1901 Linen Slim Fit Shirt

Since your apartment likely isn’t as air-conditioned as your office, here’s a Zoom call–appropriate shirt made of breathable linen.

If you’re looking for a pair of noise-canceling headphones that actually noise-cancel, you can’t do much better than this top-rated pair from Bose, one of our favorite wireless-headphone brands.

If self-isolation snacking has taken its toll on your pantry — or if you’re looking for a new project — we found our favorite airtight food-storage containers on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond.

For a modern, summery take on gingham, here’s a breezy, cuffed-sleeve minidress complete with pockets.


Since we’ll likely be WFH for the rest of the summer (if not the year), replace your makeshift dining-slash-desk chair with this much more supportive (and handsome) task chair that’s nearly half off.

Stressful times call for stess-relieving measures, meaning when we find a full-body-massage chair for under $400, we say “Go for it.”