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This Expert-Recommended (And Zoom-Compatible) Board Game is On Sale

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While looking through the selection of board games currently on sale at Amazon, we spotted a deluxe edition of an old favorite: Werewords. The game challenges competitors to guess a secret word by asking one player (designated as the Mayor), but there are several stipulations that make it much more difficult (and fun). Another player is secretly designated as the Werewolf, whose only job is to throw everyone else off the secret word’s scent. A third player is designated as the Seer, who works against the Werewolf to help the other players. But the Seer must be careful: If the Werewolf figures out who they are, they win, even if the other players guess the word correctly. (Otherwise, players win by either guessing the word correctly or by identifying who the Werewolf is.) While less familiar than Pictionary or Clue, Werewords received rave reviews from two experts in our roundup of the best party board games, with one pro telling us that “the clever use of hidden roles and variable player powers makes for a really fun play experience that you’re sure to play multiple times in a row.”

Perhaps because you’ll want to play it over and over again, the game can be paired with a free iOS/Android app that provides more than 10,000 extra secret words of various difficulty levels. What’s more, the game is designed for ages 8 and up and as many as 20 players (or as few as four), making it a great option for both families and adults-only Zoom game nights.

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This Expert-Approved (and Zoom-Compatible) Board Game Is $15