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10 Things That’ll Almost Definitely Sell Out: From Forever 21 to Travis Scott

Photo: Courtesy of retailers.

In this week’s edition of Don’t Dillydally, we found some cozy items that are sure to help you embrace the post–Labor Day onset of autumn (it’s inevitable!), including lounge sets from Parachute, fall fleeces from Ugg, and limited-edition Vera Bradley collaborative Crocs (to pair with patterned socks).

Vera Bradley x Crocs

These Vera Bradley–branded clogs combine the classic Crocs silhouette with a more subtle and stylistic floral print. They come in three colors — white, navy, and sunshine — and might be just enough to finally push you to join the comfy ranks of Crocs converts. (Come cold weather, just add socks.)

Parachute Waffle Lounge Collection

Strategist-favorite Parachute just launched a new waffle-knit loungewear set that’s intended for all-day use — which is a relief, because that’s exactly how we plan to wear them, from taking the dog for a walk to napping on the couch.

Brooklinen Baby Swaddle Set

The cozy continues with this line of baby bedding from one of our favorite purveyors of soft sheets. There are swaddles, quilts, and bed sets that may not be guaranteed to make your baby fall asleep (sometimes nothing will), but should go a long way in getting them close.

Ugg Ready-to-Wear Collection

Ugg, known for its soft-boot world domination, recently released a ready-to-wear line that features a ridiculous (i.e., ideal) number of fleeces for the fall, which include colorful half-zips, sherpa trucker jackets, bright pullovers with neon and pink accents, and one extremely fluffy faux-fur layer.

Forever 21 x 7/11

Forever 21’s new collaboration with 7/11 includes tie-dye Big Gulp shirts, neon 7/11 sign graphic tees, and bright pastel hoodies you’ll be proud to wear to more than just a convenience store.

Billie Eilish Fender Ukulele

The ukulele was the first instrument Billie Eilish learned to play, and this collab with Fender, we imagine, is the first one she’s gotten to design.

John Derian Jigsaw Puzzle

These intricate 750-piece puzzles from John Derian and Artisan Puzzles are based on classic art prints, including a historic map of New York City, a cat sitting on top of a pillow, and butterflies.

Travis Scott x McDonald’s

Mr. Cactus Jack himself and McDonald’s just collaborated on a new meal (a quarter pounder with bacon, lettuce, and cheese, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite) and almost 60 pieces of merch. There’s a giant nugget body pillow, an action-figure T-shirt, and a ten-pack of Styrofoam cups that are sure to sell out.

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10 Things That’ll Almost Definitely Sell Out