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Is There Any Good Biden-Harris Merch?

Photo-Illustration: retailers

Well, Election Night (Week) is over, except for maybe the crying. If you were too nervous or uninspired before November 3, after this past historic weekend, you may be looking for some merch to celebrate the Biden-Harris victory. Since September, we’ve been asking our colleagues on the Strategist staff (and a few stylish people we know) about their favorite Biden-Harris shirts, hats, and accessories to find the best-looking ways for telegraphing support on your sleeve, hat, or even feet. Their 35 suggestions below range from creative to classic, with options for the most die-hard of fans as well as for more recent converts.


This T-shirt hit the official campaign store shortly after the president-elect and vice-president-elect finished their victory speeches on Saturday night. It’s a historic shirt to own for a number of reasons: It not only features the first woman on a winning presidential ticket, but also the only time (we pray) the winners are wearing masks and doing virus-conscious fist bumps to celebrate.

There’s plenty of more playful stuff below, but for traditionalists, here’s the official, basic Biden-Harris tee. It’s a good choice for those who want to wear their merch ASAP, as the Biden store promises to ship the shirt within three days of purchase.

After we shared an earlier version of this story on Instagram, Clay Taylor, a digital producer at MTV, told us to check out Hot Merch for Biden. We’re glad we did: The site is full of different artists’ campaign creations, including this cheery shirt made by Brooklyn-based illustrator Caroline Reedy.

Within minutes of the first presidential debate ending, the Biden campaign began selling a shirt with one of the night’s most memorable quotes emblazoned across it. That limited-run shirt is no longer available, but other designers are still making their own spins on the phrase, including this aesthetically pleasing rainbow-on-black design.

Biden’s line from the debate wasn’t the only campaign moment that his official store jumped on. The design team also recently created this tee inspired by the late-September release by the Times of the president’s tax returns, and it’s still in stock at the moment.

Another Strategist reader who got in touch after we published an earlier version of this story told us about the collection of Biden-Harris merch from SteezyVibes, which you can buy on Etsy. It includes this biker-inspired tee that’s sure to please the “Aviator Joe” contingent.

Strategist editor Casey Lewis is a fan of designer Chantal Strasburger’s Read Receipts, which typically sells tongue-in-cheek custom embroidered shirts and sweaters. For the election, Lewis told us Strasburger has released a sweet line of new gear, with a portion of proceeds from each shirt going to the campaign.

Photo: retailer

We weren’t surprised to see the campaign store selling an Obama-Biden shirt. Still, there’s no denying it’s a great shot.

Photo: retailer

One Strategist writer who had been “leaning in hard on tie-dye this summer” says, “It’s not surprising that I’m drawn to this colorful long-sleeve.” (For a warmer tie-dye option, keep reading.)

Photo: retailer

A nice, simple ringer tee that two Strategist writers said they liked in the mustard-yellow option.

If you’re more excited about the next vice-president than the next president, Hot Merch for Biden is also making hot merch for Harris, like this groovy T-shirt (if you squint, you’ll see it gives Biden some love too).

Photo: retailer

Patricia Duncan, the national co-chair of Black Women for Biden, told us this Kamala-focused tee is her favorite of the campaign season by far. “It reminds me of being a little girl. I’m a Black woman, and my school was all white then. My mom made sure I had perfect hair every morning, with pigtails — just like Kamala’s in the photo. The only difference is I was never allowed pierced ears! The shirt just reminds me of my childhood.”