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Is There Any Good Biden-Harris Merch?

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Well, we’re officially a week away from Inauguration Day. If you were too nervous or uninspired to do so during the campaign, perhaps now you’re looking for some merch to celebrate the Biden-Harris transition. Regular readers may remember we’ve been scouring the options for some time now, talking to our colleagues and other cool people we know throughout the campaign and transition period to find the best Biden-Harris shirts, hats, and accessories for telegraphing support on your sleeve, hat, or even feet. The 31 items we’ve gathered below range from creative to classic, with options for the most die-hard fans as well as for more recent converts.


This is the official (and only) Biden-Harris tee released by the Democratic Party to celebrate the ticket’s historic victory. Like everything sold by the Democrats’ official store, the tee is American-made and union-printed, with all profits going toward Democrats’ election campaigns countrywide. Because it features the first woman on a winning presidential ticket, we think it could even become more valuable with time.

While doing a recent sweep of the Biden-Harris-merch landscape, we were sad to see that the Biden campaign has shut down its store, which included clothes from guest designers such as Thom Browne, Victor Glemaud, and Aurora James. But we were happy to discover the campaign store has been replaced with a new Biden inaugural store, which features a wide range of official inauguration merch, including this tee with a commemorative seal celebrating a day that feels more urgent with every passing hour.

There’s plenty more playful stuff below, but first, for traditionalists, here’s the official Biden-Harris tee.

After we shared an earlier version of this story on Instagram, Clay Taylor, a digital producer at MTV, told us to check out Hot Merch for Biden. We’re glad we did: The site is full of different artists’ campaign creations, including this cheery shirt made by Brooklyn-based illustrator Caroline Reedy.

Within minutes of the first presidential debate ending, the Biden campaign began selling a shirt with one of the night’s most memorable quotes emblazoned across it. That limited-run shirt is no longer available, but other designers are still making their own spins on the phrase, including this aesthetically pleasing rainbow-on-black design.

This tee from the inaugural store features another (happier) viral quote: The “We did it, Joe!” that Vice-President–elect Harris proclaimed in her now-iconic (and many times memed) victory call with the president-elect.

Another Strategist reader who got in touch after we published an earlier version of this story told us about the collection of Biden-Harris merch from SteezyVibes, which you can buy on Etsy. It includes this biker-inspired tee that’s sure to please the “Aviator Joe” contingent.

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One Strategist writer who had been “leaning in hard on tie-dye this summer” says, “It’s not surprising that I’m drawn to this colorful long-sleeve.” (For a warmer tie-dye option, keep reading.)

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A nice, simple ringer tee in mustard yellow that two Strategist writers approve of.

If you’re more excited about the next vice president than the next president, Hot Merch for Biden is also making hot merch for Harris, like this groovy T-shirt (if you squint, you’ll see it gives Biden some love too).

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Patricia Duncan, the national co-chair of Black Women for Biden, told us this Kamala-focused tee is her favorite of the campaign season by far. “It reminds me of being a little girl. I’m a Black woman, and my school was all white then. My mom made sure I had perfect hair every morning, with pigtails — just like Kamala’s in the photo. The only difference is I was never allowed pierced ears! The shirt just reminds me of my childhood.”

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For a subtle show of support, we noticed a range of creative designers have jumped on the moment when Harris, having just joined the ticket, let people know the start of her first name is pronounced “like the punctuation mark.”

For those who want to support the administration but also want it known that Biden wasn’t their first-choice (Democratic) candidate.


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“It’s on sale, feminine, and feels like Clare V.” is how Chelsea McCarthy, the founder of beauty brand On & On, describes this sweatshirt, which also comes in pink, indigo, heather gray, navy, and black.

Strategist editor Casey Lewis is a fan of designer Chantal Strasburger’s Read Receipts, which typically sells tongue-in-cheek custom embroidered shirts and sweaters. For the election, Lewis told us Strasburger released a sweet line of new gear, with a portion of proceeds from each shirt going to the campaign. While much of the collection sold out, this classic gray crewneck sweatshirt is still available in limited sizes.

Here’s the inaugural store’s official quarter-zip sweatshirt. Its higher neck makes it a particularly wearable option for the cold months ahead.

Lewis spotted this simple sweatshirt on Jenna Gottlieb, a merchandiser at Instagram’s @Shop division, in a post where Gottlieb dubs it “the good merch.” (We agree.)

Glitchy merch for a year that exposed so many broken systems.

Michelle Rizzi, who wrote the Strategist’s guide on how to tie-dye at home, is hand-dyeing a set of sweatshirts that she’s selling via her small label, Tiño Sabi. Because every sweatshirt is dyed by hand, no two are alike — which means you’ll be a step ahead of the general pack of merch wearers (even if you share their policy views).

Accessories and home goods

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Biden may soon have a shorter commute than his famous Delaware–Washington Amtrak route, but his Amtrak Joe days live on in this commemorative pin.

Strategist writer Jenna Milliner-Waddell found this delightful candle for those who really see Biden’s win as a bright spot.

The first photo of the new president-elect was posted on Instagram by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden. In it, Biden was wearing a hat that read, “We Just Did — 46.” That hat is now being sold by the official store (and it has a cool eagle on the back, too).

For a warmer (official) hat, consider this retro-ish wintry option.

For those who need to read a good headline every morning to balance out the scary ones, this mug — which plays off of the New York Times’ postelection front page — may be just the ticket. You could say it’s all the news that’s fit to drink.

Photo: retailer

Here’s a more straightforward mug with portrait of Biden.

Photo: retailer

And here’s a mug that’ll serve as a daily reminder that Biden worked for Obama.

An official inauguration shot glass for those who prefer to drink stronger stuff.

Because what would a 2021 merch guide be without one?

When it comes to stickers, Strategist writer (and resident illustrator) Liza Corsillo says this is the best Biden-Harris typography design she has seen after weeks of browsing online, in part because the playful lettering reminds her of something from a cereal box.

Merch for pets

“I think it’s fun to imagine animals casting a vote,” Corsillo says.

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Is There Any Good Biden-Harris Merch?