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The Best (and Best-Looking) Electric Kettle Is on Sale

Photo-Illustration: retailer

If you’re even a semi-regular reader of this website, you’ll know how much we admire Fellow’s electric kettle (and the wider Fellow product line). We swear by the sculptural gooseneck kettle so much that we installed it in the Strategist 100, a compendium of the most stood-behind products we’ve written about. It also gets recommended to us (again and again) by both coffee and tea experts when we ask them about the best brewing methods. For the uninitiated, baristas say a gooseneck kettle is essential for the optimum brew, because it gives you far greater control over the timing and direction of your pour, which is especially important for pour-over coffee and loose-leaf tea-brewing. Aside from its gooseneck, the kettle also offers temperature control, so you don’t scald your tea and coffee and end up with a bitter drink. Really, the kettle’s only downside is its steep price, which you could argue is a lot for something that basically heats water. But through midnight today, as part of a limited-time sale at Sur La Table, that price is 20 percent less steep, bringing the kettle’s cost down to a much more reasonable $119. Just don’t forget to use the code TART at checkout to get the discount.