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Everything Worth Buying From Uniqlo’s Spring Line With Jil Sander

Photo: Uniqlo

Back in November, we brought you a special edition of Don’t Dillydally with news that Uniqlo’s +J line with Jil Sander was hitting the shelves again for the first time in nearly a decade. Luckily, anyone who missed out on that does not need to wait another ten years to get their hands on something from the collection. Today, Uniqlo dropped a new +J spring-summer line that includes pieces you can wear right now in these tricky-to-dress-for early spring days and all the way through the warmer months. Below we’ve rounded up our favorite stuff, from lightweight jackets, to linen trousers, to easy polo shirts. Since pieces sold out within minutes of the last J+ drop, we suggest snapping up anything you like immediately.

For women

For men