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Lots of Girlfriend Collective Stuff Is 40 Percent Off Right Now

Photo-Illustration: retailer

With over a full year of loafing around the house in loungewear, returning to jeans and uncomfortable shoes seems nearly impossible. We don’t blame you if you never want to go back, but for those looking for something a bit different than their trusty Hanes sweats, some nice leggings (or if we dare, a unitard) might be just the closet refresh you need. As a part of Girlfriend Collective’s warehouse sale, you can take 40 percent off select styles like their best-selling (and Strategist-approved) high-waisted leggings, classic hoodie, and compressive leggings, in limited-edition colors that likely won’t return. But don’t worry, they have joggers, too, in case you’re truly not ready to let go quite yet. Just don’t dilly dally, though, because lots of sizes are selling out fast.