Photo-Illustration: by The Strategist; Photos courtesy the vendors
Photo-Illustration: by The Strategist; Photos courtesy the vendors
Photo-Illustration: by The Strategist; Photos courtesy the vendors

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Poshmark is swimming in inexpensive (like under-$20) linen. Here’s a ranking of the best.

  1. Flax (the stuff from the ’70s with weird mantras on the tag are much better than the more present-day offerings)
  2. Uniqlo (the cotton-linen blend items are the way to go, and are extremely soft)
  3. Muji (the dresses in particular are great) -A.S.


Australians make the best summer hats.

This one (from a brand beloved by stylish Melburnians) is perfectly minimalist and practical. And since it was designed for use in a country with a depleted ozone layer, it has a broad and bendy brim that offers actual sun protection, as well as a detachable chin strap. -K.G.


And for a cheaper hat

The owned-by-two-Strategist-editors, available-on-Amazon-for-$28 Milani is easy to pack down and is a nice bucket-wide brim-hybrid. The nearly identical Scala has a wider color selection. -K.S.


I don’t understand how it works, but if you soak these Chilly Mini Towels in cold water, they really will stay cold for hours on end.

They’re exceedingly pleasant to wear on a hot bike ride to the beach. -L.C.


If you can’t work or sleep with a noisy air conditioner running, try the affordable Honeywell Quiet Set tower fan.

Like a (quiet) ocean breeze! And way cheaper than Dyson. -K.G.


A portable (chargeable) stroller fan is a nice way to make sure your baby doesn’t boil alive this summer.


Any $15–$20 version on Amazon will do. -A.S.


When it comes to guarding against mosquitoes, bug spray is best in towelette or lotion form …

(Kinfield’s wipes smell so good, some have taken to using them as cologne.) -D.P.


… But if a bug does break through your defenses, this bug-bite suction doodad actually works. -D.P.


Mosquito repellent, but make it John Baldessari.

These colorful DEET-free stickers are infused with essential oils and can be slapped onto any article of clothing. -S.K.


For a more hydrating way to fend off mosquitoes, the Strategist-loved Kate McLeod body stone comes in a limited-edition summer version.

There is something understated and appealing about its non-OFF! citronella, geranium, and, cedarwood scent. You can also use it to calm irritated skin post–bug bite. -S.K.


If you’re looking for a crop top, copy model Paloma Elsesser, singer Maggie Rogers, and Strategist writer Dominique Pariso, and buy a tank from the Hanes little boys’ section. -K.S.


Or try B-One, which sells a four-pack for $17 on Amazon.

From $17 for 4

After a year of constant use as PJs, workout clothes, et cetera, they’re still in great shape. -E.S.


Celebrity stylists bulk-buy Save Khaki United’s Supima cotton tees because of their bicep-enhancing fit. -L.C.


These $40 strappy Tevas, owned by Mary-Kate Olsen, are every bit as capable as your classic Hurricanes, but happen to be way more comfortable with a less hulking profile. -S.K.


Clarks made a very comfortable fisherman’s sandal a few years ago called the Blake Moss.

You can find them on eBay or Poshmark, and there are actually a few pairs left on Amazon. -A.S.


For slightly more interesting than usual outdoorwear, try Yosemite-born brand Gramicci.

There’s a strong Japanese influence to some of its newer designs, like the barrel-style Voyager pants, the Yohji-esque nylon flare pants, and the linen-cotton overalls. -W.Y.


You can get Yohji Yamamoto (flowy skirts, cropped pants) and other Japanese designers for incredible prices on

The site has an integrated proxy service, so it ships to the U.S. for a fee. -E.S.


These $7.99 Zara terry shorts are the kids’ shorts of the summer. -A.S.

Editor’s note: These shorts are out of stock, but Zara has similar cozy, colorful, and affordable options available, like these blue Striped Plush Shorts.


Sneaker-resale sites StockX and GOAT have surprisingly great deals on new sneakers, especially non-buzzy colorways from buzzy brands.

For instance, GOAT recently had a pair of Li-Ning Furious Riders that retailed for $217 on sale for $82. They make a perfect summer sneaker. -E.S.


Oversize men’s sneakers are out — it’s a slim, low-to-the-ground summer.

Think Mexico 66 Onitsuka Tigers, Reproduction of Found’s German Military Trainer, and, of course, the Samba, of which the Wales Bonner variant is surprisingly not played out yet. -L.C.


I don’t like wearing my nicer sneakers in summer when it’s often damp and dusty outside. Last year, I found these no-name, $22 Keds dupes.

They’re as comfortable and breathable, but for half the price. -C.M.


Pick up a bottle of Faccia Brutto’s very small-batch Centerbe at Leon & Son or Astor to mix up mezcal Last Words, the beverage nerd’s drink of the summer, at home.

It’s worth it for its distinct white-pepperiness. -C.P.


When it comes to staying hydrated in the heat or curing hangovers from one too many spritzes, these better-than-Gatorade electrolyte tablets are the way to go. -D.P.


In a more sophisticated take on the balsamic Coke trend, try making super-refreshing celery soda with celery vinegar, like those from Tart or Keepwell.

Food writers Fanny Singer and Michael Harlan Turkell are both fans. -E.W.


My SS22 bag is this $10 Taiwanese “ga ji dai” market bag that’s a miniature version of the ones I grew up seeing everywhere in Taipei.

It’s sheer, small, colorful, and light, but the woven nylon can hold the weight of a MacBook comfortably. -C.P.


These little lace bags from Catbird, made of the same lace as the curtains in its shop, make excellent wedding accessories.

My flower girls and I will all be carrying one down the aisle. -L.C.


For the fanny-pack-averse, this $10 running belt stays in place, fits most essentials (phone, cash, keys, lip gloss), and is undetectable under most any T-shirt.

It also works great for dog-walking, as there’s a pouch that perfectly fits poop bags. -A.A.


Whenever I see a $120 woven-plastic Marni bucket bag in the wild, I think, “schmuck.” Just get the real thing at your local Latino market, or search “Mexican woven bag” on Etsy.

These, from maker ColoresdeMexicoMX, are a mere $32 and has a handy top so your belongings don’t spill out. -C.P.


Ellie Vail’s jewelry is truly water-resistant.

I’ve worn her herringbone chain necklace and rings in and out of various pools for the past few summers, and they’ve not tainted at all. -B.G.


Summer is all about large-format cold beverages — and by large-format cold beverages, I mean batching cocktails, making iced tea and iced coffee to keep in the fridge, and setting out ice water at dinner parties. To do all this, you need pitchers.

This glass one from Ikea looks much more expensive than it is ($6!) and is also incredibly durable. -E.W.


Graf Lantz’s coasters both absorb and evaporate moisture, and thus stay in perfect condition no matter how many drinks sweat on them.

Mine look as great as the day that I got them over five years ago. -E.W.


Lisa Corti’s sarongs can double as summery tablecloths.

And and are much cheaper than her actual tablecloths. -K.S


Try a puffy insulated lunch bag from Baggu instead of a bulky cooler.

It comes in tons of amazing patterns and can keep a four-pack of seltzer, plus some cheese and crackers, cool for hours. -L.C.


This waterproof picnic blanket does not look like it costs 22 bucks. -A.S.


For affordable but design-y outdoor furniture, consider the Mullca French school chair, which has a bent-plywood seat and a tubular steel frame.

You can consistently find them on 1stdibs and Etsy; the store Ambiances Boutique has an especially well-priced and consistent stock. New Dimes Square bar Le Dive appears to use them. -E.S.


J.Crew is back, thanks to Olympia Gayot.

The brand’s pull-on shorts are the perfect length. -A.P.


Matthew Macfadyen, a.k.a. Darcy, a.k.a. Wambsgans, recently stopped into 3sixteen for its low-tension weave (as in: very breathable) straight-cut CS-100xk jean.

They’re endearingly creased, but still flattering thanks to a high rise and slight taper. -L.C.


Lee’s vintage high-rise and side zips look like you bought them deadstock, but will actually fit a butt. -L.C.


For summer-camp shorts in almost every size and color, look no further than Big Bud Press. -D.P.


Nothing prevents thigh chafe, a.k.a. “chub rub,” or lasts as long as Megababe’s Thigh Rescue. -D.P.


Old Navy’s workout dresses are available in a wide range of necklines and colors. They’re ideal for both puttering around and going to the gym. -T.D.H.


Wearing Seea’s Dara or Gaviotas surf suits means you won’t have to worry quite as much about missing a spot when applying sunscreen or your top not staying put when you’re paddling out. -W.Y.


As a nonstandard swim cover-up, consider a guayabera, the uniform of Caribbean dads.

From $56

Coming of Age’s Amanda Lurie likes this Cubavera shirt with pleated lines along the front and back. -A.P.


Sunspel’s linen button-down is wonderfully long in the sleeve for a short-sleeve shirt, and can be worn for days on end and styled high and low, without ever feeling dirty.

Trust me, I’m three summers in. -L.C.


H&M’s smocked dress is a near-dupe for one from Faithfull the Brand at less than half the price.

It runs a bit big, so I recommend sizing down. -T.D.H.


Yes, you should put sunscreen on your scalp. Shiseido’s clear sunscreen stick can slick back flyaways, too. -A.P.


This $3 Walgreens sunscreen has a silky texture that feels more like moisturizer (I happily put it on my face), and offers very effective protection.

It was my go-to while van-living in the Southwest, and never seemed to melt or get sticky in the heat. -K.G.


Vulture senior news editor Morgan Baila put us on to this Hawaiian Tropic after-sun moisturizer, which was recommended to her by an extremely bronzed server in Miami.

She says the nice-smelling formula evens out and prolongs her tan without irritating her sensitive skin. -C.P.


If the idea of firing up your gas or electric stove in the summer sounds unbearable, consider getting a portable induction burner, like the Duxtop 9600LS.