sunday circular

10 Things That Delighted Us Last Week: From Curl Cream to Compost Bins

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

We write about hundreds of products each week. Here, in our version of the Sunday circular, we’ve plucked some of our recent favorites: expert-recommended essentials, life-changing stuff you didn’t know you needed, newly launched gizmos, and very good deals we uncovered while trawling through the vast online-shopping universe — including a flavorful matcha powder, miniature cookware for kids, and a good-looking pie dish with a very special discount.

A water bottle as indestructible as Wolverine’s claws

When we asked Sam Sanders what he can’t live without, he said this Yeti water bottle “kind of changed my life.” He received it as a gift, and though he was a little underwhelmed at first, its indestructibility — “I swear it’s made out of the same stuff that Wolverine’s claws are made of” — and ingenious two-lid design really grew on him. “The top lid has a small mouth, great for sipping, and then if you take that top lid off, there’s a big opening where you can put ice cubes or, like, guzzle it out of the fucking bottle if you want,” Sanders told us. “Some days I like to have my big ice cubes in there, and this one is big enough to accommodate that.” Now he even takes it on all of his evening dog walks: “I can fit two Modelos in there, and it’s a nice little sip and walk.”

An easy way to reduce food waste

If you’re looking for a more ecofriendly way to discard your food scraps, composting is a great option — but you’ll need a compost bin to get started. Strategist writer Erin Schwartz has personally used this Epica stainless-steel compost bin for about three years and feels confident that it’s the best countertop compost bin. “It performed ably through some hot New York summers — its vented lid allows for some airflow, and two layers of charcoal filters block compost smells effectively,” Schwartz says. Though the lid does get grimy, it’s easy “to remove the charcoal filter and thoroughly clean it out, an essential quality in any compost bin.”

Some produce-inspired candles

Strategist writer Dominique Pariso recently noticed an Instagram post from artist Piera Bochner announcing that she was “getting out of the candle-making biz to join the furniture design M.F.A. program at RISD.” Bochner’s wacky, fruit-shaped candles were an early Strategist favorite and are made by individually pouring different colored waxes into silicone mold forms Bochner made from produce bought in Chinatown and Union Square. For now, her work is still in stock on SSENSE in a variety of designs, including a spiky kiwano, a shapely blue heirloom tomato, and a bitter melon candle that Pariso has kept on her desk “for the last three years.” We suggest snagging one before they disappear, possibly forever but definitely for at least the length of her M.F.A.

Kid-friendly versions of your favorite Material cookware

If your little one likes watching you whip up dishes in the kitchen, Material recently released mini versions of their kitchen tools, including their spatula and this good-for-everything whisk we’ve written about before. Both are made with BPA-free silicone and are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup. If you decide to buy the full set, it comes with a cooking card game to help you all create your very own recipes.

Tea bags for mixing your own brew

Accessories designer Tessa Tran and her husband recently spent a week exploring Lima, Peru. “Peru has always been on my radar, specifically its rich biodiversity, from the Andes to the Amazon rainforest to all the way to the coastal regions,” Tran says. They played tennis on an orange-clay court, picked up tchotchkes at the local craft market, visited a museum showcasing pre-Columbian art, and, of course, sampled lots of Peruvian food, from ceviche to purple corn. Tran likes to dehydrate her own “herbs and flowers to make tea on the go,” so she brought along prefilled bags of tea “to sip on the plane or in my hotel room” while unwinding from a long day of adventures.