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I Never Get on a Plane Without These Tiny Scissors

Photo: Caroline Weaver

Did you know that you can bring scissors on a plane as long as the blade is less than four inches? I didn’t, until I noticed discreet penlike travel scissors in virtually every shop I visited on my first trip to Japan in 2015. Why would one need on-the-go scissors? Isn’t that what teeth are for? I didn’t buy the scissors on that trip, and didn’t think about them again until a couple of years later when I spotted Plus Pen Style Compact Twiggy Scissors in a particularly appealing colorway at Papier Tigre in Paris. Since then, I’ve kept two pairs on hand — one that permanently lives in my travel kit, and one in my everyday bag.

Considering how use-specific scissors can be, the Twiggy is surprisingly multipurpose. The 1.6-inch blades are small enough to get through TSA, curved for easier cutting, coated to be nonstick, and secured by a spring lock. To use them, you remove the cap, hold it like a knife, and slide the lock upwards with your thumb to release the blades. Compared to other travel scissors on the market, this particular pen style is superior because it’s so slim and discreet and requires no folding or special storage. Those of us who are unabashed snobs about our stationery tools will appreciate that they’re notably sharp and protected by a cap so they don’t carve a hole in the corner of your pouch or bag. To that point, they’re safe and compact enough for a pocket or apron, too.

I’ve used my Twiggy scissors for an endless number of things: cutting off price tags, opening packages, finishing spontaneous craft projects, wrapping gifts, trimming loose threads, cutting tape, removing wristbands, doing quick hair trims, and so much more. I’ve even chopped up a T-shirt with them. Truly, they’re worth carrying around just for the satisfaction of having a solution when a friend says, “You don’t happen to have a pair of scissors, do you?” We’ve all been there — you’re away from home and there’s a tag inside your pants that’s driving you crazy. You’ve got Twiggy scissors for that.

Twiggy scissors come in an array of fun colors, and should you find yourself in Japan, you’ll easily encounter them in cute limited-edition character designs as well, making for the perfect inexpensive souvenir to bring home for friends. Are you a person who keeps a gift closet? Stock up on some three-packs for $20. I sold nearly 2,000 Twiggy scissors in my shop, where I kept a stack of them in a cup at the counter with a large label that said “Life-Changing Travel Scissors (Trust us!).” It might seem hyperbolic, but it’s true.

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I Never Get on a Plane Without These Tiny Scissors