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10 Things That Delighted Us Last Week: From Glasses Cases to Gourmet Chocolate

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

We write about hundreds of products each week. Here, in our version of the Sunday circular, we’ve plucked some of our recent favorites: expert-recommended essentials, life-changing stuff you didn’t know you needed, newly launched gizmos, and very good deals we uncovered while trawling through the vast online-shopping universe — including Daniel Kwan’s go-to bookmarking method, Turkish cotton house slippers, and a heavy-duty Christmas-tree stand.

An organizer for stylish specs obsessives


Strategist contributor Alyse Whitney has been a “certified four-eyes since the age of 4” and has fully embraced glasses as a fashion accessory. Whenever she travels, she brings “an entire wardrobe of glasses to match different outfits” and uses this foldable organizer to store all of them. “There are six triangular pockets that my glasses nestle into, and when the case is rolled up, the base of each section becomes a lid for the section below it, and it snaps shut securely and takes up less space than a pair of shoes and about as much as a dopp kit,” Whitney writes. It even comes with a handle “to hang on a hook in the bathroom or on a hanger in your closet to keep them on display at all times.”

Fluffy après-bath slippers

With winter looming, several Strategist staffers tested a variety of house slippers to determine which ones are the best for a range of scenarios and preferences. If you’re looking for something plush to slip your feet into after a luxurious bath, these Parachute ones use the same material as the brand’s beloved bathrobes. They’re made from 100 percent cotton terry cloth, making them “rather absorbent, like putting your feet on a nice, fluffy bath mat and then walking around with that sensation,” says writer Katherine Gillespie, adding that owning this sort of slipper “makes you feel like your house is a spa.”

Cubist chocolate for fervent foodies …

In addition to our meticulously curated gift guides, the Strategist staff put together 63 well-sourced, highly useful holiday shopping tips to make this year’s gift-giving frenzy as painless as possible. Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo recommends these Louis Sherry chocolate tins, calling them “a real twofer”: “Once you’ve finished the Sicilian-orange, coconut-almond, and Turkish-coffee chocolates, you’re left with a lovely box for storing jewelry, loose change, or your weed stash,” she advises.

… and a funny cookbook for hopeless cooks

In the latest installment of Assistant Files, six assistants revealed the most unusual holiday gifts they’ve had to buy for their bosses, from artificial snow to personalized Snuggies. Lauren, an assistant at a production company, was tasked with buying holiday gifts for the team, and her boss suggested one employee be given “a funny cookbook because they can’t cook for their life.” It was her idea to get the colleague Snoop Dogg’s cookbook, and thankfully, it was received well; after it was delivered, the recipient messaged her that the present was hilarious.

Anna Sui’s rock-’n’-roll scarf

A scarf is a winter essential and an eminently giftable item — so we set out to find a few great ones by asking various artists, shop owners, designers, authors, and generally cool people to take self-portraits wearing their favorites. Fashion designer Anna Sui designed her very furry, very fabulous scarf in collaboration with Free People while keeping “Mick Jagger’s long red scarf in ‘Gimme Shelter’” in mind. “It’s very dramatic, frames the face nicely, plus is functional, warm, and in my favorite color,” Sui told us.

The Post-it tabs Daniel Kwan swears by

Co-director of Everything Everywhere All at Once Daniel Kwan can’t live without these Post-it flags — he takes them with him wherever he goes because he finds it useful to have “bread crumbs” that lead him back to passages or thoughts he found interesting when he first encountered them. “If I’m reading a book and there’s something I want to remember, ’cause I don’t like to stop and take notes, I stick in a tab and then I keep going,” Kwan told us. “Then, next time I’m thinking about the book, I can just flip through the tabs and it’s almost like talking to a past version of myself.”

A Christmas-tree stand worth the hype

Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio always gets a real Christmas tree for the holidays and has coveted this highly rated Krinner tree stand for the last few years. She finally snagged it on sale in November, and though she was initially skeptical of the Krinner’s hype, she can now attest that it is worth the cost. “It was so easy to get our 7.5-foot-tall and very wide tree standing straight and secure in just a few minutes even though the trunk was a little warped at the bottom,” Trolio says. “I’m so relieved to never have to manually adjust the eyebolts on our old stand or shim them with little bits of wood ever again.”

Unfussy tights for winter runners

Chris Black’s latest Please Advise column sees him recommending these Icebreaker tights to a reader who asked about cold-weather running gear. “Running tights have been bastardized by finance bros rocking white three-quarter-length versions under their nine-inch Gymshark shorts to Equinox,” Black declares. “Before that unfortunate trend, they were mostly worn by runners braving cold temperatures (with no shorts worn over).” He likes this pair because it’s simple, straightforward, and doesn’t come with any “unnecessary bells and whistles.”

A very twee tumbler

Hill House, purveyors of the infamous nap dress, has collaborated with W&P, the brand that makes our favorite silicone ice tray, to release limited editions of its insulated tumbler and bottle. Both feature Hill House’s signature floral trellis print, which feels reminiscent of wallpaper you might find in the bathroom of a charming upstate bed-and-breakfast. The cottagecore-esque tumbler is sure to sell out quickly, so if you want to snag one to keep your hot chocolate warm this holiday season, don’t dillydally.

A Goldilocks quilt

When shopping for a new blanket, Strategist contributor Jennifer Ruth Keller knew she wanted “something that would cocoon my weary body in warmth, with enough weight to make me feel grounded and held.” She also wanted to avoid fleece, knit fabrics, and wool: “Fleece can be too light, knits too unstructured, and wool a dry-cleaning hassle.” She found everything she was looking for in Target’s Casaluna linen quilt, which is made with a linen-rayon construction and a cotton-sateen finish. “I immediately noticed how the cotton sateen gives the blanket a softness that makes it feel almost secondhand,” Keller writes. “When I’m under the blanket, my body feels secure, but it’s still light enough that my daughter can join me without feeling squashed.”

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10 Things That Delight Us: Glasses Cases to Cubist Chocolate