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17 Stocking Stuffers for DIY Enthusiasts and Crafty People

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If you’re looking for gifts to fill the stocking of a crafty person or someone who’s constantly working on some big DIY project, you can’t go wrong with art supplies, small tools, or necessities they’ll never want to run out of, like glue or sharp sewing needles. The trick, however, is finding versions of these things that feel truly special and gift-worthy. Maybe they come in a vibrant color or were recommended by a famous person. Or maybe they’re special because they’re just for fun. To help you curate a truly satisfying stocking full of excellent and affordable gifts, we scoured the Strategist archive for crafty bits and bobs and trinkets sure to delight any DIY enthusiast.

If they make their own greeting cards

Illustrator Alex Testere uses this travel-friendly watercolor set to make paintings en plein air and has even used it while flying from New York to Chicago.

If they sometimes forget which cup is paint water and which is drinking water

Like the paint set above, this brush (with its built-in water reservoir) allows its user to create watercolor paintings on the go. It’ll also keep them from accidentally drinking paint.

If they’re currently knitting winter hats for their whole family

$26 for 8

Get them these nifty pom-pom making contraptions we learned about from our guide to the best gifts for knitters to top off their crafts.

If their roommate keeps stealing their scissors

This tiny pair of scissors, recommended for needlepoint by Parker Posey, are perfect for snipping small threads. And they’re easy to hide.

If they love making sweaters but are tired of knitting them

If their phone is covered in flour and bread dough

A nice-looking kitchen timer will help them stay on task without endangering their tech.

If gardening is their passion but they live in Maine

If they have the best roses on the block

This extra-long pair of pruning gloves from our list of gardening essentials are sure to be a hit.

If they’re a future handyman

Kid-sized leather work gloves will protect their little hands from scrapes and make them feel like a big kid.

If they’ve always got something fermenting