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From an ‘Earthquake Fastener’ to Hailey Bieber’s Face Steamer

Illustration: Willa Gebbie

An all-over-the-place assortment of stood-behind products culled from this very website that appear in the September 26 issue of New York Magazine.

Best in Class

When it comes to food storage, Pyrex has perfected the form. Strategist writer Emma Wartzman spoke to a wide swath of kitchen experts who agree the brand’s glass containers beat the competition on every level, from tight-fitting lid to remarkably unbreakable body. Recipe developer Jessie Sheehan says the receptacles stubbornly avoid absorbing the smells or colors of the food stored inside them, allowing her to keep chana masala in them one day and egg yolks left over from baking the next. They’re also dishwasher and microwave safe down to the lids, which makes them ideal for reheating. And they come in a myriad of sets, including mixing-bowl–slash–storage vessels (which Sheehan describes as “100 percent brilliant”) and a ten-piecer with options for saving both a splash of homemade vinaigrette and a hacked-up Thanksgiving turkey.

Assistant Files

A former executive assistant to one of the most famous chefs in the world shared some of the items she bought regularly for her boss.

According to “Camilla” (not her real name), the chef had “beautiful penmanship” — an attribute he’d emphasize by using an Itoya calligraphy marker. During her time with him, she kept four or five in the office at all times; he’d use them to sign his own books (sometimes 300 in one sitting), chef’s jackets, photos, aprons, even the Bernardaud porcelain plates he used in his restaurants.

Our Shopping Cart

I learned about this shoe when recently talking to an especially stylish first-grader. While lots of kids’ shoes have zippers on the inside of the ankle to make them easier to put on, I’d never seen one that extends all the way around the wearer’s foot like this one does. I immediately ordered a glittery purple-and-black pair for my 7-year-old, who has some sensory issues around socks. As soon as they arrived, they provided relief from the bunching often caused by shoving her foot into the top of any given sneaker. —Jen Trolio

Not a Professional. Just Crazy.

Strategist beauty columnist Rio Viera-Newton on some products she’s recently unearthed.


“When you buff the product into the skin, the formula and finish are nearly identical — both give off that incandescent, healthy-looking no-makeup-makeup sheen.”

“The brow tint will give you the most natural pouty effect possible, prepping your lips perfectly for a gloss. And it’ll last all day with no need for touch-ups.”

“This mimics the exact color my skin is when I leave the beach in the summer. It’s the closest a product has ever come to emulating my very own sun-kissed flush.”

This Thing’s Incredible

I was born with manos de trapo, or rag hands, and began (accidentally) breaking things from that point on. But I’ve found a fix: Clear Museum Gel, made by disaster-readiness company Ready America. Branded as a “clear, removable adhesive,” it secures my ceramic sculptures and glass trinket trays to whatever flat surface they’re sitting on, so they won’t budge in the presence of a klutz like me or during an actual emergency. It’s as if the items were stuck into place with Gorilla Glue, even if I try to mimic an earthquake by shaking the dresser. And it doesn’t make any sort of sticky mess when removed: A little twist will release each object, and a gentle pull removes the gel off the bottom of the item. —Ambar Pardilla

Strategist Investigates

Recently, fashion influencer Camille Charrière posted about a futuristic-looking facial steamer on Instagram, describing it as “one of the best beauty gadgets ever.” Charrière said she bought it on the recommendation of model and friend Adwoa Aboah, who said she heard about it from a surname-redacted Hailey. Strategist writer Tembe Denton-Hurst did some snooping and deduced that the device was facialist Sarah Chapman’s Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer, which uses microscopic steam particles to cleanse pores and remove “dulling dead skin cells.” Some further snooping revealed that the Hailey in question very likely was Hailey Bieber — we noticed
the device in a separate series of photos detailing her at-home facial routine.

Packing List


Footwear for a Foreign Destination

“Since you’re constantly toggling between going barefoot on the boat and needing shoes for land exploration, a pair that slips on and off makes sailing life easier,” says Windy Chien, who recently spent six days boating around Antigua and Barbuda.

When writer Chantel Tattoli went to Norway in August, she packed an assortment of fall favorites, including these “outdoors store meets cottagecore” alpaca socks. In the Hardanger region, where she stayed, she hiked around in these socks and rain boots and says her feet never felt sweaty.

Mexico City native and Oaxaca frequenter Rafa Shin makes sure to travel with his Fracap boots during his visits for one simple reason: They are extremely comfortable. “I love that they work as well in the city as they do when I’m on the palenque,” he says.

Trust Me, I Should Know

Carson Meyer, the founder of the skin-care line C & the Moon, has been a practicing doula for six years. Over time, she has picked up valuable insights from expectant and new moms about the products they actually like. With her first baby due later this year, Meyer compiled a list of thoroughly vetted essentials.

Every time I would see a client at prenatal visits in leggings, I’d ask who makes them. “Hatch. Hatch,” they’d all say. The brand does such a good job of not making their stuff feel like maternity clothes. I’ll be wearing them after I give birth, too.

I had some lower-back discomfort during my first trimester, and using this ball up against a wall to massage and release my glutes was so helpful. I recommend this to my clients because it’s something they can use at home to get to places they can’t reach themselves.

My mamas swear by these for soothing nipples in between feeds. They’ve been around for a long time and are made with silver. Balms are great, but with these, you don’t have to deal with wiping off messy ointments between feedings.


An oxford for every budget and fit preference.

Photo: retailer

Cutsomizable, fancy.

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From ‘Earthquake Fastener’ to Hailey Bieber’s Face Steamer