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16 Easy Couple Halloween Costumes for Every Type of Couple (That You Can Buy on Amazon)

Make it a one-and-done — or mix and match. Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

If you can’t bear the thought of making your own unique costume (or simply don’t have the time) for you and your partner, Amazon makes it easy. Almost too easy, since there are hundreds of couple costumes to sift through. So to make it easier, we found 16 Halloween couple costumes, for every type of couple, that are either sold as a pair or can be combined to make a duo. Sure, this is the lazier route, but we think these costumes are timely, funny, and mostly tasteful enough that everyone will still be impressed.

For the couple who composts


This beekeeper suit is professional-grade, so consider picking up a new hobby after Halloween is over.

For the couple who loves pop culture

At first glance this might look like a retro costume, but this is actually Maddy in Euphoria and Michael Cera.

For the couple who loves memes

Your gorilla partner will say you’re looking like a snack all night long in this banana costume.

For the “this will do” couple

Yes, that’s just an emoji costume, not technically a sun, and we’re unsure about the ventilation in this crescent moon mask, but after a few spooky cocktails the weirdness of this outer space pairing will start to wear off.

For the couple that drives a Tesla

Get in loser, we’re going to Mars — or whatever Elon Musk said.

For the couple who loves sports

Really commit by having the LeBron of the duo carry the taco all night while screaming, “TACO TUUUUUUUESDAY!”

For the couple with perfect smiles

If you own a water pick and spend most of Halloween worried that all the candy is going to rot your teeth, this costume is for you.

For a couple of oenophiles

This wine-and-cheese couple costume works well for a classy and crass pair, as the cheese slice and knife could easily be repurposed next year for a very literal “cutting the cheese” solo costume.

For the vegan couple

It’s ironic, or maybe it’s tempeh bacon and a fake egg.

For the couple who loves PDA

Be mindful when choosing your partner-in-Halloween-crime for this suggestive costume: According to reviewers, the plug portion actually fits into the socket side.

For the couple who loves to play games

This king and queen of hearts card costume is perfect for the couple that loves to play games. (But also, if you want to play some real games on Halloween, here are some expert-recommended picks.)

For the couple who loves the classics

If you lose each other during the night while wearing these peanut butter– and–jelly costumes, you are contractually obligated to call out “Now where he at? Where he at?” and “Now there he go. There he go,” when you link back up.

For the couple who likes word games

Paired with an angular wig, gold hoops, and spandex under these tunics, you can easily toe the line between salt and pepper, the seasonings, and Salt-N-Pepa, the ’80s rap group.

For the throuple

For the couple who loves peak TV

Hot priests are having a moment, and The New Pope is coming back with even more hot clergy, so why not lean into it? Carry a flask full of your holiest water to complete the look.

For the new parents

This might be the scariest costume on the list, as Baby Shark” is bound to be stuck in your head all night long.

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Halloween Costumes (You Can Buy on Amazon) for Every Couple