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The Shapeless Denim Romper Is Summer’s Most Practical Outfit

I was browsing the racks at Oak’s factory store in L.A. when I burst out laughing. What I’d believed to be a faded-denim jacket had turned out to be a faded-denim romper. It had frayed edges, pockets all over, no waist, and a silhouette like a brick of cement. It was ugly in a charming way, a delightfully ridiculous combination of denim trends usually relegated to the “don’t” sections of dress codes. The tag said A/OK (the name of Oak’s house brand), which only made me laugh harder.

A shapeless denim onesie is the perfect outfit for summer: The material is sturdy enough to withstand wet grass, sandy beaches, and patio furniture that would snag a flimsier fabric. The roomy silhouette is barbecue-friendly, breeze-circulating, and comfortable over swimsuits. When I take it off to sunbathe, my faded-denim onesie rolls into a perfect beach pillow: thick, soft, and impervious to crinkling. (By the end of the day, gauzy beach tunics always look like wadded-up Kleenexes when I’m wearing them.)

It can survive getting shoved in and out of tote bags, too — but I don’t carry bags when I’m wearing my A/OK romper. I treat my denim onesie like a utility apron, dropping sunglasses, sunscreen, bottle openers, and small books down the broad patch pockets on the chest. (And the smaller-but-still-sizable pockets on the hips and butt.) My big, boxy romper is designed to embrace bulk. It’s functional, comfortable, and easy. It’s so anti-chic, that it does a 180 to chic, again. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself when I look at, say, country-club guidelines for “jeans in good taste” (no ripped jeans, no frayed jeans, consistent color jeans) and realize, with pride, that I have chosen an outfit that will never touch a human named Muffy. If it violates the dress code at Mar-a-Lago, you’re doing something right.

A/OK Denim Romper

But there are plenty of other denim rompers out there to love, each with its own situation-specific qualities. Here are a few others I enjoy.

To double down on Muffy-repellent qualities.

The flouncy top keeps the mood light.

For when you need to roll up your sleeves and get down to business … at looking cute.

The flap pockets and gold-thread detailing give this denim a classic vibe.

Bell sleeves and flared shorts give this onesie an hourglass silhouette.

Breezy on the belly, with a delightfully awkward silhouette.