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The 11 Best Kickstarter-Funded Gifts for Kids, According to Kickstarter

A little while back, we asked Kickstarter for the best Kickstarter-funded products you could buy online and found that there was such a glut of products in one category — toys and gifts for kids — that we decided to turn it into its own separate story. Here, we talk with Kickstarter director of communications David Gallagher about the best Kickstarted kids’ products you can buy online.

“A Stanford engineering graduate launched this campaign on Kickstarter to ‘disrupt the pink aisle.’ It’s a game of construction that features the first-ever girl engineer character.”

“It’s like a dollhouse, but with the addition of a motor and wiring to encourage basic engineering skills.”

“A big Kickstarter success story you’ve probably seen before — these pens let you draw in the air with non-toxic 3-D printer filament.”

“Designed by Berkeley engineers, these mini-robots magically fold up from a flat sheet and skitter over any terrain. Kids can control them via a downloadable phone app.”

“The advanced tool of balloon warfare started on Kickstarter and took over the world.”

“One-hundred bedtime stories about the lives of 100 extraordinary women, this publishing phenomenon has sold over half a million copies.”