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The Best K-Beauty Skin-Care Products, According to Bloggers and Vloggers

Photo: Vendors

You’ve heard the hype on Korean skin care, but there are so many serums and masks and essences to try that it’s hard to know where to look when you want to dabble in something new. So we turned to some of the people who would know best about K-beauty, the beauty bloggers and vloggers who have made it their mission over the years to catalogue and review new products. Here, they point us to some of the products that are essential to their routine, many that are delightfully obscure (so you might be the first to evangelize about them to your friends).

Best K-beauty cleansers

K-beauty blogger and founder of cruelty-free K-beauty store Dot Dot Skin Elisa Lee likes to use this cleanser when traveling and recommends it for sensitive or acne-prone skin. “This is an oil-free all-in-one cleanser. I don’t need to double cleanse when using this; it removes all my waterproof makeup and dirt in one go, while leaving my skin hydrated. It contains aloe vera juice, portulaca extracts, and papaya extracts to keep the skin calm, non-irritated, and moisturized.”

This cultish cleanser is a favorite of vlogger Michelle Choi and the Cut’s Kathleen Hou. “I love using the cleansing balm to not only remove my makeup but also to clean out my pores,” says Choi. “I tend to produce a lot of sebum around my nose, and I can see some darkening from it being oxidized. The balm does a great job of melting down all the oil and dirt stuck in the pores and keeps them clean.”

Best K-beauty toners